Muslim Immigrants

Change, ok, but why far-right?

With the far-right party AfD (Alternative for Germany) winning something like thirteen per cent of the vote in the recent election, once again it seems people are rebelling against the established parties.  That anti-establishment trait has happened recently in many countries, including America, France, Britain, and now Germany.

Why? What is so wrong with mainstream parties and policies that so many people now want to reject them? Often, in favour of unashamedly racist, nasty parties and in some cases, even nastier leaders….

“We want our Germany back”, “We want our America back”, they shout. Which Germany, which America? The economies of those countries are not in a terminal decline, people are not dying of malnutrition, the standard of health-care is better than in any previous decades, and generally, people are a damn sight wealthier in many ways than any of their descendants ever have been.

So why do we see so many images now reminiscent of the crowds in Munich in the late 1930s who fawned and adored one of the most despicable human beings ever to be born – (in their defence, at least their country was crippled with unbelievably high inflation and their currency was virtually worthless.)

What’s the excuse today? Why do so many people appear so dissatisfied with their lot?

I accept that if your government is so feeble that you simply cannot vote for them, fine, you must vote for something else. But if that is a vote for a far-right party, then why not instead move to a country that will give you a better deal? You know the grass is always greener………….Roger Bara

Maybe it’s for the best that far-right supporters in Germany now at least have a small say, rather than have no voice at all – but me, I don’t get it.



Vlad’s way

The world’s political landscape is changing drastically. Brexit, done. Donald Trump, done. But, Marine Le Pen… whoops, not done! The right in the Netherlands, not done. Finally, Germany. Partly done, 12.6 per cent of the vote for the AfD party. From zero to 94 seats in the Bundestag, bronze medal in the political competition.

The right wing tide is not overwhelming though it’s definitely got the momentum. Just look at Austria: another right party wins.

It seems to me that many people around the world are kind of tired of too much political correctness and, also, they are fed up with the multiculturalism that doesn’t perform as it is expected to do. And turning right might be the answer for some.

I am not going to discuss whether it is good or bad for Europeans. It is up to Europeans to decide. My point is that Vladimir Putin feels the heat of moment, too, and sees it as a chance for him.

German Protesters - SyriaRussia has recently been very supportive of the right parties elsewhere. Remember Marine Le Pen’s sudden meeting with Putin just prior the election in France? He almost openly supported her. Well, it didn’t work. It is a fact, though, that Putin is counting on the right – and even extreme right – political forces as potentially easier partners for him.

The right don’t like the EU, neither does Putin. A divided Europe is easier to handle, on a country by country basis. He’s got some relationship with Viktor Orban’s Hungary. He used to have great relationship with Gerhard Schroder when he was the Chancellor of Germany. Now Herr Schroder in getting paychecks from his friend Vladimir and feels just fine.

Putin’s goal is to do whatever he wants to do, including such tricks as the Crimea annexation, and still do business as usual with Europe. This is what the right might agree to do. And this is what is impossible now under the Europe led by Mrs. Merkel.

As of right now, Russia’s hybrid war in the Eastern Ukraine has taken from 5,000 up to 10,000 lives from both sides, and this blood is on Putin’s hands. Add to it, as a finishing touch, what happened with the Malaysian jet in the Ukrainian skies and Vladimir Putin’s ugly portrait is completed.

The man in Kremlin is supporting in many ways, including the covert ones, the nationalist/populist parties all over Europe. He’s is trying to knock out the European leaders that he doesn’t like, and Angela Merkel is on top of his list.

Soviet Union back in the 80s supported, including the KGB involvement, various anti-war movements in Europe trying to break Western Europe away from the United States. The Soviets didn’t succeed then. Now Vladimir Putin thinks he is smart enough to dismantle Europe.

This is where we get to the recent German election with the populists gaining momentum on the immigration issues. I don’t really know how to handle the immigrants who don’t want to be a part of their host countries but still want to live here in Europe. Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

But my message to the Europeans is clear: if you vote now for the far right or nationalist parties in Europe, you vote for Vladimir Putin. It’s up to you to decide if this is what you really want.


Welcome to Germany, 1931

I’ve always been fascinated by the far-right. I imagine that the average Nazi saw himself as quite patriotic and defending the spirit that made Germany great. History moves in repeating arcs and I wonder if we are seeing the early phase of another ugly swing.

Why? What would make someone choose the path of hate? I’m convinced that the participants themselves have no idea. Yes, I know they shout about immigration and how their governments don’t listen. I don’t believe them. This is what they think they are angry about, but is that the real motivation?

German protesters - Muslim ImmigrantsYes, Muslims are moving here (wherever you’re “here” happens to be) and they did bring their culture with them. The media companies tell us how the Muslims are here to kill us and blather breathlessly about how some pissed-off guy on the other side of the planet killed people a couple of months ago. Meanwhile, hundreds of Christians commit murders of all kinds on a daily basis in complete silence.

I suggest that we all have an unwritten contract, a series of expectations with society and for the majority of us that contract has been broken by the governments. We – you, me, everybody, can clearly see that a few people now control most of the wealth and far from being grateful, they want more: bigger tax cuts, more control over the governments, and to ship your job to some foreign country.

We must feel much the way the German public did after World War One. Used. We are being played for fools and we are not going to take it. Much like the Germans of old, we mis-identify our enemies because Photograph of Dean Lewisthe press beats a drum owned by the one per cent. We revel in our lies and yell “Fake News!” when someone says something that goes against what the Ministry of Hate has published. Welcome to Germany, 1931.