New Years Graphic

New Year's 2018

🖕🏻Why do we bother?

I really do not care for New Year celebrations. I seldom enjoy the party, and never look forward to it with any keen anticipation.

I am, of course, extremely grateful to have survived another year, but do not feel the need to see the New Year in. I do not remember ever having made any NY resolutions in the past, nor felt the need to so do.

The reason for this unseasonable reticence to have a good time has puzzled me. After all, I am extremely lucky to lead an idyllic lifestyle in a wonderful country, owing not a single penny to anyone, and my health continues to be in good shape. I really do try and be a good bloke most of the time to all around me. Surely that’s worth celebrating every year?

I think the answer lies in looking back at the year just gone, looking ahead to what may be, and realising what a shit world it is upon which so many of us have to live.

In my country of birth we have Brexit – voters were influenced by a pack of lies and were stupid enough to believe everything that was shovelled their way. Further afield we have Trump, voted in by a similar bunch of believers, and of course there are still terrible wars and famine throughout our planet where the weakest and poorest are most vulnerable and die the most miserable deaths imaginable.

For fucks sake this is 2017. How can so many leaders still be so naïve to think that wars solve anything? They should concentrate instead of helping stop this planet become uninhabitable by the end of the century. Virtually every political system doesn’t work, and it seems that most politicians are either corrupt or incredibly bad at what they do, and some are essentially evil human beings. So why do we bother celebrating what is basically pure shit every bloody year?
So, for the first time in my life, here are my New Year Resolutions (2017) – my personal wish-list of what I want to make happen, if only I could….

I want to help Brexit go.
I want to help Trump go.
I want all wars gone.
I want all people that peddle hate gone, preferably dead.
I want all racists, all paedophiles, all people that treat women like shit, gone.
I want to shout from the rooftops every day that this planet is dying. We are all killing it. And I want somebody to listen!Roger Bara

When that happens, I’ll celebrate the year ahead on New Year’s Eve. And maybe make some resolutions that are more realistic.
Happy New Year.



👍🏻‘Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?’

I have a long wish list for 2018. I wouldn’t though share it all, but let’s make at least some highlights.
My family and all the good people in the world who I like: don’t worry, be happy.

My personal career: more creative stuff, less BS.

My spiritual achievements: another, third, marathon? Yes! If I have time and enough mental strength for it.

Pitin rides a bearVladimir Putin: go to hell, at least, politically. Your place in history is going to be very different to what you expect, dude. Surprise, surprise!

Donald Trump: impeachment or ‘four more years’? None of my business, let ‘We, the People’ decide on this issue and I’ll respect it. Over to you, America!

‘The Last Frontier’: be a part of my life for the years to come.

‘The Three Lions’: maybe they’ll get, to everyone’s surprise, to the semis in Russia this summer? First time since 1990? Wishful thinking, though.

The RUSUK project: let’s get high!
This is pretty much it.Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

…oh, I forgot! I don’t like Mercedes as well as other German cars. Too dodgy or too boring. So, Lord, don’t buy me a Mercedes Benz. Thank you, Lord.



👌🏻First of All I Never Do This…

Not once have I ever made a New Year’s Resolution and I see no reason to start breaking them now. Yes, there are things I would and should change but I’m mostly comfortable in my skin.

So, here I sit on the morning of what I believe is called Boxing Day. I have no idea, I think it’s kind of like Christmas hang-over. But I honestly don’t know… seriously, like most Yankees I haven’t a clue but I’m happy to tell you how you’re doing it wrong.

Back to this resolutions business. Even as a teenager I found the whole wishing for Peace on Earth thing a bit unrealistic. Don’t misunderstand me, I will – without fail, help my fellow man. Always. I want to leave this world a better place; I just don’t do resolutions.

With this in mind, I thought I would tell you something you may not know: we are already doing better. Bigley. There is more peace on Earth right now than there has ever been. Fewer wars and fewer deaths. Click on that link in a minute and get ready for a surprise. Run through some of the graphs, linked down the right hand side.

The Donald The problem is that we have allowed a few of us to convince everybody else how bad things are (see, told you I would let you know how you’re doing it wrong). Trump, Le Pen, Putin and company are using their domestic minority groups to control the discussion. I don’t think they want war but they have successfully painted a very dark picture of a world which is doing better than realized.

Yes, the one per cent pose a threat to basic democracy. Of course completely unregulated immigration is a bad thing; duh. But these threats are nothing compared to the wars that once covered Europe. Nobody builds bomb shelters anymore and the sun will rise again tomorrow.

Photograph of Dean LewisWill there be a resolution this year, nah, but I will try to help those around me. And I promise myself to do my part to make my little corner of the world better. I should lose some weight and sometimes I drink too much, but that’s dangerously close to a resolution and I’ve resolved not to do that. 🤠