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Donald Trump: love it or leave it

Donald Trump is a controversial man. He’s got an ego size of Texas. He sometimes doesn’t sound like a typical President. And, yeah, some people think his haircut is funny.

But the man definitely has his strong points. One thing about his character struck me in particular. When Barack Obama drew what he called the ‘red line’ in Syria, it was about using chemical weapons by Bashar Assad. When it was finally crossed, nothing happened. America was pissed off and the whole world saw it. When this line was crossed again with Donald Trump in his first year in the White House, the Tomahawks immediately hit the source, a Syrian airbase. The mighty Vladimir Putin didn’t bother to protect his ally with his much-advertised S-400 anti-missile systems. Trump sent a very plain message to all the bullies across the planet, from Damascus to Moscow to Tehran, Beijing and Pyongyang: don’t mess with me, I do what I say and I mean it. This is the only language they understand and Donald Trump is the guy who speaks it perfectly well. He is a tough leader and both allies and enemies feel it now.

The other thing is his famous interview to Playboy in 1990. He was talking about his efforts to do business with the Soviets and made a very interesting prediction: Gorbachev is a weak figure and he might lose power. This is exactly what happened the following year and I don’t remember anybody else making such a prediction back then. So he’s not stupid, to say the least.

What about Trump’s Russian connections?🙄 As a Russian I think this is BS. If they had something on him, they would have fired it before the election. Nothing really has come out. Paul Manafort had indeed some sleazy business affairs but, as it turned out, with the Ukraine and President Yanukovich’s family. Quite a difference as the Ukraine is definitely not Russia. So, yes, the Trump-Russia connection is a fake news to me. No evidence whatsoever. I also don’t get why some idiots in Russia, such as Margo Simonian, head of the Russia Today TV channel (which is the true FAKE NEWS) had been so hopeful about Trump’s so-called pro-Russian views. Where did these jerks get if from? Just because Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton hate each other? Donald Trump is crazy about himself, not Russia, China, the green little men, etc.

New York Times Logo

I was pretty disappointed by the most US mainstream media. I was always thinking of it as the world standard for journalism. Believe me, what is happening now in America is propaganda, not journalism.

I was born in the USSR and now live in Putin’s Russia so I know a little something about it. All these respected newsmakers such as the New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. just went to war on Donald Trump. I read ‘An American Tragedy’, David Remnick’s editorial after the election in the New Yorker. So many pathetic words about ‘racism’, ‘fascism’, forces of evil, blah-blah-blah… Remnick just went hysterical, a crybaby’s talk. It is interesting to read it once again a year later: nothing that he was worried about has actually happened. And please name me at least one Hollywood resident who had threatened to leave America if Trump wins and then actually did it.

It also seems to me, as a foreigner, that some people in the US media and the Democratic party couldn’t accept Trump’s win and now try to find any way, even non-Constitutional, to overthrow him. Well, their biggest mistake was Hillary Clinton as a presidential nominee. It is not Donald Trump won the election. It is she who lost it. She was talking about the ‘deplorables’ and he was talking about America’s ‘forgotten men and women’. Feel the difference. During the campaign he looked sincere and she looked like a smiling robot. Almost all the media hated him and I believe, many Americans felt it and they didn’t like it. So they fired back on the election day. In this regard, Donald Trump was a bit like Boris Yeltsin in 1991, an anti-establishment creature. The Trump campaign was also more effective when it came to using social media, including his notorious Twitter. This way, Donald Trump could communicate directly to the audience, his messages not being distorted by the media. He continues to use it now, addressing directly to people.

So the lesson to Hillary Clinton and David Remnick and the like is very simple: don’t be arrogant to your own people. We will see in 2020 if they will learn that. Trump might lose the election but it would depend on the economy as much as on his personality. As far as I know, the economy is booming now and the Dow is at all-time high. There are businessmen in America I know personally who are very optimistic about Trump’s tax reform. He has no clue how to replace the Obamacare but he knows very well what to do with the economy. And the economy welcomes his efforts.Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey
Donald Trump might be right or wrong on various issues but you can bet he’ll do his best to deliver on his promises. Not so many world leaders are capable of that.




An American kakistocracy.

I found it so tiring, so taxing, so tedious, to have woken up each day of the past 365 only to have read or heard what new nonsense had gushed out of the mouth of the most powerful man on earth, usually on his Twitter account.

At no time, to most of us Brits, have his utterings been the slightest bit amusing or thought-provoking. Trump is simply about Trump, and nothing else. He neither understands his own country, nor the world that surrounds it, and cares even less.

“Modern Presidential”

He is acting, quite simply, as a dictator, and he will continue to do so until he is stopped. He uses social media to try and control the news, and, let’s be clear, it appears to be working well. There may be no truth in what he blabs, often it is complete fabrication, but it is all very tactical. Repeat something often enough, and maybe the masses will start believing it. “He’s telling it like it is” rant his supporters, loudly. No actually, he doesn’t. Ever.

On the plus side for some of his people, the American economy and the stock market are doing well, and as at 20th January 2018 the rate of unemployment is at its lowest for years, so he must be doing something right. Yes, something so right that his approval rating is the worst for any new Commander-in-Chief.

Trump has also given a new word to our vocabulary – have you been Trumped? ie Have you been discriminated against because of your colour or creed, and, in the case of women, have you been verbally or physically abused?

One of my biggest frustrations with this administration is way its leader is systematically endeavouring to undo everything Obama achieved. (I’m not saying everything Obama achieved was great, by the way.) It seems to me that the word “black” is involved here, and Trump gives the impression that he was actually insulted by the previous eight years of Obama.

Time after time, the POTUS and his endorsers have brazenly lied to the electorate to massage over the discrepancies between his policies and his rhetoric. This is actually the real “Fake News” about which Trump constantly harps on… and on, and on. It’s having an effect as well, and raises the awkward question – what does this all say about America and its people?

I’m damn sure the USA is quite capable of voting him in again – they are just as capable as us Brits for voting for madness and mayhem. So I believe the majority of voters who would want him to remain as President, either for the next three years or, God forbid, the next seven years, are either one of the following, or a combination:

White Supremacists
Woman abusers, either physically or mentally
Just shy of a full set of marbles

In my British view, (and remember I am not commenting, yet, on the current British government💂🏻‍♂️), we Roger Barahave the most incompetent, corrupt, ignorant, utterly embarrassing president the USA has ever known in its history, with the whole Trump entourage creating an American kakistocracy.
But for Trump supporters, they know what they are getting, and they like what they see.


Dumass’s First Year

When deciding what to write about, we three get on a message app and talk it over. Right now we are in three different countries, thousands of miles apart. Roger pointed out that Trump’s first year will end next week.

The Boys
The Boys in North Cyprus

I think we talk about him in most articles, yet we have never actually done a Trump blog, until now. This man dominates everything even when he is not the subject of the conversation. Each morning when I get up, I say to myself “I wonder what he has done now” before opening my computer to see the news. I have never done that in my entire life.

I love living in a shithole country with all these Muslim terrorist. My car is unlocked and the crime rate here is stupid low. Speaking of stupid: no, they do not cut off people’s hands here and there is no death penalty. The girls walk down the street in tight jeans and would blend into any Western city.

In two years, I am the only American I have met who lives here full-time.🤠 As soon as folks recognize the accent, the question of Trump soon follows. I have spent hours sitting down by the turquoise Med. trying to help others understand the bizarre behavior this man displays. I honestly try to show people why folks could be driven to vote for someone like this.

I know, I am supposed to be talking about The Donald’s first year. Frankly, I don’t care unless it’s his last. By the way, for those who have not yet noticed: I have never once, ever used the Cheeto’s name and the name of his office in the same sentence. Not in conversation and certainly not in writing. #NOTMYPOTUS.

His only positive contribution has been to ignite a passion in the US that will soon crush the putrid remains of the old Confederacy. While the Republicans may retain control of the Senate in the Mid-Terms, Trump has probably destroyed his party and no amount of Gerrymandering will make America racists again. Now that I think about it, he has accomplished more in one year than the Democrats were able to in a century. Keep up the good work, dumbass.Photograph of Dean Lewis

This is the only Blog that made me so passionate I started cussing in writing. A paragraph needs two sentences, you stupid Bastard.