It had to happen sooner or later: for the first time we see common themes and examples throughout each of our three blog articles. 


How we will be judged in 100 years?

To understand how our ancestors will be judging us in 100 years let’s take the time machine and rewind 100 years back. The world is much faster now and it will be changing at a faster pace, but some parallels are still ok with what was a century ago. 

ProtestSo, briefly: The White Man’s burden still ruled the world. No such word as ‘political correctness’. Black lives didn’t really matter in the US. Women didn’t matter, too, but the suffragette movement was already well underway. Communism was born already but it was OK then as no big repressions come along yet. Nobody knew what Nazism was. 

Since that time many things have been happening. 

As globalization increases, the future world will be much more diverse, more accessible because of technologies and, thus, more tolerant. This is why I predict that racism will be history in 100 years from now, i.e. future football fans won’t see ‘No to racism’ boards along the pitch or in TV commercials. It doesn’t mean that nationalism would be gone, though. So we’ll be judged – and condemned – by people of the future because of our racism, at least, practised by some of us now currently living on Earth. 

I also think that in 100 yeas from now the issue of political correctness will be much more balanced or have completely vanished. Now it is really biased in the West, to me. As there will be no racism you won’t be able to get any benefits, social or economic, simply by being a different colour, or your sexual orientation or whatever. There will be no more ‘Black lives matter’ or ‘Gay pride’ movements in the future because all such things wouldn’t just matter anymore. It would be completely up to what a personality you are, not what colour you are. Are you straight or gay, are you a man or a woman? Who cares? What kind of personality you are: this would be the true story. Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

Finally, I believe we would be judged by future generations as a less balanced society, as a global community in transition to a more stable, more transparent world. In 100 years the world will be a wiser place and those wise people would still understand that their even-keeled life is rooted in our troubled present.



How will we be judged in 100 Years?

Pretty damn badly, methinks.

McDonalds Logo“Take a look at this – can you believe what these idiots used to eat a hundred years ago? They called it fast food – apparently they thought that eating shedloads of starchy carbohydrates every day was good for you! Every shopping precinct had loads of outlets, all selling the same crap. And they still ate dead animals! My God, even in the 21st century, they were eating dead animals, and look, wearing dead animals on their feet! What an absolute immoral bunch they were…..and look at their size! They’re mostly big fat wallowing junkies – the levels of heart disease and diabetes were through the roof, but no one seemed to be doing anything about it. Barbarians…”

“Look at the state of the oceans, just a hundred years ago. Full of un-biodegradable plastic. The amount of rubbish around the planet– unbelievable.”

“Hahaha – they still had people around who thought the earth was flat! Morons. And a president of America, can you actually believe this, who cast doubt on the science of global warming! He was voted in for two terms of office, how could his people be so stupid? And look what happened! Mind you, this was a country that still fried people to death in 2018. Cannot believe that capital punishment was still around in so many other countries as well, so recently in the past…..”

Self driving car“You can see that all the major cities and towns around the world were gridlocked with cars on their roads. How could an affluent society allow that to happen? Apparently, it was too expensive to build clean and effective public mass transport systems. Such short-termism in their thinking…”   

“I could understand it if it were in medieval times, but the amount of prejudice against minority groups and those from differing ethnic backgrounds that was still around in the 21st century – I just can’t let that sink in…”

“It’s interesting that people could write whatever filth and vicious untruths they wanted to, completely anonymously, on what they called social media. And no-one seemed to care too much. What awful times those must have been….” 

“I can’t believe how prudish and private people were back in the early 21st century – they even wore shorts and what were called bikinis to go bathing! How very strange……”  

“WTF? People in industrialised countries actually used perfectly usable drinking water to flush their toilets! What were they thinking? Our most precious commodity literally going down the pan….”Roger Bara

“What an unbelievably selfish lot they were – thousands of kids dying every day from preventable diseases in 2018, but no government willing to do anything about it – business men all over the planet with billions of pounds in their bank accounts. Could there ever have been a more greedy, affluent, uncaring and selfish society in our history?”  


How Will We be Judged in 100 Years?

I have always thought that morality is a rather random thing. Morality morphs over time; Queen Anne sofas have skirts over the legs because one can ever flash a leg, its simply immoral. Not only does morality change over time, it changes from place to place. A tiny little string bikini is fabulous at the beach but I would bet it would get you arrested for trespassing if you wore it to Church – even if that Church was on the same beach.

Things that we think are moral may appear completely bizarre to our Great Grandchildren. Let’s take the leather shoe for example. Pretend you have never seen a leather shoe before, what would you ask?

  • Old ShoeIt is really dead animal skin?
  • Doesn’t it stink?
  • How long before the flesh rots and it falls off your feet?

If you think about it, what kind of knuckle-dragging caveman would wear shoes made of dead flesh? Well… you!

If we want to know how we will be judged in 100 years, perhaps we should wind the clock back. One-hundred years ago we were involved in World War One and it was nearing an end.

Sergey’s homeland was a mess, Dean’s was a rising power after the events of the Spanish-American war, Roger’s was a globe-spanning empire. How we view the morality of the time will be tainted by where our fore-fathers were living.

Were these people moral? I think that would depend on the subject. African-Americans were very badly treated 100 years ago, on other topics, honour and morality were prime. These people were a product of their environment.

CalfIf I were forced to guess, and I am, I would suppose that how we treat cattle will not play well in 100 years. I would also think that how some international leaders behave will be a source of consternation. Many may ask how we can allow someone like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to remain in power.Photograph of Dean Lewis

I do hope on at least a few subjects they find us repugnant. See, if our Great-Great-Grandchildren think we were highly immoral, that means they have made progress. Maybe they wiped out war and ended hunger. Maybe they will not condone tax cuts for the rich and cuts to school lunches in the same budget. In some regards, we really will deserve what we get.

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  1. Roger, we differ on how we will be seen in one-hundred years. If we continue to advance at roughly the same rate as we have in the past, then our Great Grand Children will have some issues with our morals but I don’t think we will be judge harshly overall. We do not really think of those who lived through WW1 in a bad light.

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