Who will succeed Vlad? 

What a strange question for those who live in Russia. Recently parliament’s speaker, Mr. Volodin, has announced: ‘Putin is Russia and there’s no Russia without Putin’. 

As we all know, Mother-Russia is eternal, so you better know the answer when it comes to who’s going to be the next Russian leader. 

There was a big deal question in 2008 when Putin’s second term was coming to an end: who’s going to be after him? Ha-ha. They didn’t know about the Problem 2024: nobody could, even in the wildest dreams, think that the man would come back in 2012, overcoming huge street protests in Moscow (I was a proud part of it) and then think of how to stay in power, of course, in Russia’s best interests, after 2024. 

His second term, I mean, already the fourth, is going to finish at that point and we all know already that there’s no Russia without Putin. 

We also know that Putin is the Jesuit when it comes to law so he can’t just break it and keep saving Russia just like that. How dare you??

Yep, it is a state-of-the-art craft: how to break the law without formally breaking it? 

Now the expert community discusses various options available to him: to amend the Constitution making Russia not presidential but a parliamentary republic. Or to somehow, preferably peacefully, annex Belorussia making it technically a new state with the new rules, including those concerning the presidential terms. Or to simply use the so-called parliament and change the constitutional law defining the number of presidential terms. Or maybe once again use Dmitry Medvedev as his puppet? The dude is Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergeyalways available, no problem. 

There’s only one thing clear that nobody really argues: he will stay with us forever. And when he finally decides to enter the divine land of Yomi, somewhere in 20…, guess what will happen to Russia? 


Wild with Anger!

Of the three countries, I would guess the American President is most at risk of not finishing his term. For those of us who can spell tyre correctly, this is no longer an academic question. Steve Bannon, former friend & former advisor, put the odds of the President finishing his first term at 30%. One in three, I think that’s close. 

The question is how will he go; they be many sharks in these waters:

  1. Robert Muller drops a bombshell report.
  2. Democrats in Congress just pound the boy with investigations until they get him. 
  3. The voters nail him first.
  4. The Republicans decide someone with a 30% something approval rating cannot win and run someone else.
  5. The “Failed” New York Times, or CNN, finally find something… anything.
“Modern Presidential”

I always thought for a politician to pick a fight with a news organization with one-thousand journalists wasn’t a bright move. The guys at The NYT have the resources to fight this fight. It was the Washington Post that killed Nixon’s presidency.

If he can’t finish his first term, a guy named Mike Pence becomes President. He is currently the Vice-President. A real conservative; an evangelical Christian who seems the polar opposite of Trump. He will not even have lunch with a woman unless his wife is there. The USA has never had a President like Pence.

If he can finish his first term, whoever the Democrats put up, will win. This will be a smack-down of epic proportions, which is why I said Trump’s own party may well run someone against him. For the Democrats to lose, their candidate would have to be so gaud-awful that he/she makes Trump look good. 

There will be around 18,763,678 Democrats run this time. That’s just an approximate number you understand.

The bad part of all this is that Trump has so radicalized the Nation that all sides now seek extreme Photograph of Dean Lewispositions that will only make the divisions worse. I’m afraid that the liberal party will run someone from the extreme left, by American standards, and that person will make the extreme right even more wild with anger. 


Total twats…

Theresa May is one of the worst British prime ministers of the modern era. True, she was given an impossible task by that wretched coward David Cameron, (the worst), her predecessor. Cameron had offered the British people a referendum on whether we should remain in Europe, and arrogantly assumed people would vote to stay. They didn’t. So he run away like a frightened child, and Mrs May, a lifelong European supporter, was asked to organise Britain leaving the European Union, when that was the last thing she wanted.

PM Teresa MayShe has been absolutely woeful, and like Cameron, an embarrassment for Britain. Europe is taking the piss out of our country, but do you know what is even more unpalatable? Her probable successors are no better. I give you the front-runners for the position of next Prime Minister. (Don’t even go there if you think the current opposition may well be the ruling party come the next election.  Any party led by the hopeless IRA-sympathiser Corbyn has no chance of election, even when faced by the poorest, most wretched Conservative government ever.)

Sajid Javid, he’s the current home secretary. He appears to hate his prime minister, going against her at every opportunity. He is now a confirmed Brexiteer, despite backing the Remain campaign in 2016. Trustworthy? He will vote for anything that keeps his precious party in power. Total Twat.

Jeremy Hunt is Britain’s foreign secretary. Let me remind everyone that he has singlehandedly destroyed Britain’s coveted and unique National Health Service. His surname should be automatically changed to begin with a “C” – that is how almost everybody in Britain refers to him. 

He briefly supported a Final Say referendum on the Brexit deal after the 2016 vote, but now, conveniently, rejects the idea. Total Twat.

Amber Rudd is the only woman likely to succeed May; she’s Britain’s Work and Pensions secretary. She resigned as home secretary over the Windrush scandal. She appears, unbelievably, to be loyal to May, but wants a plan B. As every microbe on this planet now knows, there isn’t one. Also, she has a gigantic 346 majority at the last election in her Hastings and Rye constituency. Total Twat.

Boris Johnson, the former idiotic foreign secretary, is probably the biggest toss-pot ever involved in British politics. He is seen as nothing more than a buffoon, who makes Homer Simpson appear as the most intelligent man of his generation. He is a popular twat among some pathetic Tory activists. To me he is a Total Twat.

Dominic Raab, is a former Brexit secretary who resigned his position, and then complained he was “kept out of the loop” by May. He’s twice failed to get the Conservative leadership, and at the age of seventy, why would anyone want him as PM??? OK,  I suppose for a temporary replacement for May, he may be tolerable, but as for becoming leader full-time, Total Twat.

And that leaves the other possible contender, Michael Gove, our wonderful environment secretary. Described by many of his fellow Conservative members as an assassin, he abandoned Boris Johnson and stood in the 2016 leadership election. The fact that he did not join other Brexiteers in resigning from the present cabinet is thought to count against him – it’s all about him, not the country, so for me, another Total Twat. 

Wow. How to choose from that compelling list of Super-Twats. So I give you my considered opinion of who should take over from Theresa May, when her time comes, hopefully soon.

I have thought about this so carefully. I give you someone who is currently in the thoughts of many many people in Britain, and elsewhere. A name that doesn’t conjure up instant hate and intolerance but instead sends a strong messages about imagination, gratitude, empathy, kindness, looking past the surface, and Roger Barathe importance of family values. 

Yes –the new Prime Minister of Britain, succeeding the hapless Theresa May, will be Mary Poppins.

Remember everyone, you read it here first.