Boris Johnson seems to like Russia, dislike Putin…

…and this is why I like him. 

He is also one of the few in the West who speaks of his sympathy to Russia but not to its current regime. Just think about it: he is one of not so many people, especially those in power, who do not equalize ‘Russia’ and ‘Putin’. I know lots of such folks here in Russia but not so many to the West of it. 

He’s got balls to publicly criticize and even troll the Kremlin, which to me is rather an advantage in our politically correct world. Too many Western leaders are too timid when it comes to straight talk to Mr. Putin. 

Just look what he said about the liberalism in a public discussion with Vlad regarding liberalism, as Mr. Putin has declared that ‘the liberal idea” had ‘outlived its purpose’:

Vladimir PutinWhen Vladimir Putin says that liberalism is obsolete, he is talking the most tremendous tripe… Vladimir Putin will be proved wrong by history — liberalism will continue to triumph… That is because a society that is free and inclusive and open will – on the whole – be the best place to start a business. It will be the safest place to invest. It will be the best place to start a family. It will be the best place to live. And there could be no better example of the triumph of liberal values, of course, than Britain today.’

Yep, it is time to remind Vlad how many rich Russians escaped Russia and currently live in London enjoying the above-mentioned benefits. Let’s also count how many Brits have chosen to live and make business in Moscow. This is the answer. 

I especially like Boris’s words that in Russia ’12 percent of the population still has to rely on an outdoor toilet.’

I’ve never counted precisely how many Russians still make it outside their houses in the countryside but I live in Russia and I easily believe this number, 12 per cent, is something very close to reality. As a Russian it doesn’t make me happy at all but, unlike Mr. Putin, I don’t say silly things about liberalism.  Simply because to me it is all clear what is more effective and what is going to die first: the liberalism or the Putin’s Mafioso way to make business in Russia. Yep, you’ll be surprised but his KGB/judo school friends controlling everything that is worth-controlling in the economy. How many of his friends have become billionaires/millionaires since he took power? Everyone. 

Though I’m far from being an expert in UK politics, to me the Boris has got perfect experience as a politician and a political manager being a London Mayor (re-elected) and a head of the Foreign Office (resigned on a crucial issue with Theresa May – which gives him credit in my eyes). 

Finally, I’ve read his Winston Churchill book and found it very interesting and well-written. 

I’m not a Pythia but I believe that the Boris, taking into account all the due criticism on him, would stick around for more than several months. He also has a chance, though a slight one, to become an outstanding British Prime Minister. The one who is not afraid of tough talk with tough opponents and the one who is not afraid of taking hard decisions that are needed to take. Just like a few of his Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergeypredecessors, with Mrs. Thatcher being the last one in this raw. 

He’s got potential. If he succeeds, it is going to be sunshine news for Russia and a crappy weather forecast for the current regime in the Kremlin. 



Take a Chance on Me 

Most Americans really do like the Brits, you have some cool looking cars and atrocious spelling. But it’s the accent we Yankees think it makes you sound smart – clever… we never say someone is clever but an exception must be made.

Then there’s Boris. When liberal and conservative Americans agree that he reminds us of Trump, it’s more than a passing resemblance. Do you lot understand that if us lot is right, then you lot only think you have polarized politics now. Let’s take a hard Brexit and layer a heaping helping of Trump on top. Oh my…

Abba Album CoverSuddenly us lot feels better. But we may need that wall after all, we can’t have you fetched up on the rocks down at the beach, drinking our superior tea and taking our women with your clever accents.

Of course Boris will affect American business. I assume there will be a hard Brexit because you guys are every bit as hard headed as we are. That being the case our countries will begin trading all kinds of things that you were previously getting from Europe. 

Yes, there will be a hard transition period because some companies will have problems adapting. But there will also be winners on both sides of the Atlantic. The question is, will the winners outnumber the losers? 

If the answer turns out to be yes, then it will be good for everyone except the EU. The EU will do everything possible to make sure the UK sinks. They will not call it a total economic embargo, but Photograph of Dean Lewisthat is what it will be. If the UK shines, there will be other European nations sure to follow. I don’t think that puts an end to the EU experiment, but clearly Brussels is not taking a chance on anyone. 




Boris Johnson – what it means to my country

And so, the inevitable news that Boris Johnson is the new leader of the Conservative party in Britain, and, for a while at least, our Prime Minister. God help us.

At least we’ve had some weeks to get used to the idea, but it doesn’t make it any more palatable. I compare the feeling to when Trump got the presidency, and when the Brits voted for Brexit. It’s a deep, always-sinking kind of depression in the pit of my stomach, knowing that as a result of all this nonsense, my country, and possible the whole world, will be a worse place. 

Boris & DonaldI can’t forgive the members of the Conservative party, the tiny percentage of the British public, who voted this twat in. It was nothing to do with who would be the best person to take Britain forward – it was simply, who was the best person to try and save the party. Another words, it is party before country. Unforgivable. I sincerely hope the party dies a quick and permanent death – when I think my immigrant parents voted Conservative all their lives, because when they arrived at the end of WW2, it was the first freedom they had known for several years, and that party was in power. How they must be turning in their graves now. Sorry, mum and dad.

So what of the twat’s record. Basically, his history is of getting elected and then fucking everything up. I mean everything. You name it, he’s fucked it up, big time.

Makes you feel a bit like wallowing in nostalgia for Theresa May’s bewildering and staggering incompetence. Not really, but it was a passing thought.

With Boris Johnson now elected, that makes him, Putin, and Trump, three of the five permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council. They can veto any resolution, the admission of new member states and sanction intervention in conflicts. So they effectively rule the UN. God help us.

I fear that Johnson’s premiership could actually bring about the destruction of the United Kingdom. Two of the four countries, Scotland and Northern Ireland, actually voted to remain. Scotland will likely hold another independence ballot when Brexit finally happens, while Johnson is beholden to the hard-line Northern Irish DUP on which he will have to depend to retain a majority. It’s all a staggering mess.

Britain is so divided at this time, even the major parties are divided, that it surely needs someone at the helm who has knowledge, principles, patience, and a character that demands respect, to even stand a chance of succeeding. Instead, we have Boris Johnson. God help us.

I mean, maybe I’m completely out of order here. It’s not as if there’s a precedent for electing a yellow-haired misogynist narcissist buffon of the highest order, who merely plays with politics and allows his country to be the laughing stock of the world, is there? 



Oh dammit………

With that, I’ll leave you with a little riddle and an answer. “How many Brits does it take to change a Roger Baralight bulb?”

“None. The Brits are too busy screwing themselves.”

Thank you and goodnight.