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Horror Show from China

I’m not even sure what my country’s actual position on this question really is. Even if there was an official point of view, I wouldn’t necessarily believe a word of it from the present government, as I’ve made clear in several blogs now. So I’m going with science. The scientific facts, no more no less. Sod the pathetic conspiracy theories that abound throughout the internet. Of course, even the scientists are not always singing from the same hymn sheet, but that’s what I love about science. They will continue to try and prove or disprove each and every realistic theory. 

So, what are the world’s scientists telling us? They appear pretty sure that the virus was first picked up in bats in Wuhan, but so far, there is no definitive proof of how they have transferred to humans, and thereon to the rest of the world. If they can find the link, for instance to the unbelievably unhealthy and sickening live animal markets, it would prove so beneficial when the next pandemic comes around. 

China GraphicBut yeh, it was a horror show from China. The virus spread rapidly, and of course, those wonderful fair-minded and intelligent people that form the top echelons of the Communist Party flatly denied it all and tried to hush it up. No wonder they call this China’s “Chernobyl”.  Instead, China hailed their whole subsequent lockdown operation as a triumph for its strong one-party rule. Wrong. Thousands of deaths wrong.  

How a country that wants to dominate the world can allow medieval practices in their towns and cities is way beyond my comprehension.  Methinks their rulers should come to regret their initial deceit, but like all one-party states, they will lie, cheat, and generally be complete bastards, showing absolutely no horror about what they allowed to happen. God help us all if China manages to become a super-power.

Britain’s rulers, meanwhile, are in such a mess in dealing with the pandemic, including the Roger Barascandalous shortage of protective gear for front-line workers, they really haven’t got a moment to think about how it all started. Maybe that’s what Boris is doing at the moment. After all, he hasn’t been seen for a long time now.  



Damn those Chinese!

Some of Trump’s allies now says the COVID-19 virus was grown in a Chinese military lab. According to CNN: “The theory has been pushed by supporters of the President, including some congressional Republicans, who are eager to deflect criticisms of Trump’s handling of the pandemic.”

Fear not, the Americans are not the only ones trying to deflect criticism. The Chinese Foreign Ministry would like me to inform you that the US introduced the virus into Wuhan during the 2019 Military World Games. 

By the way, the virus also originated in Italy & India. It’s true, I swear, just Google it yourself. This damn bat can fly faster than Santa Clause and leaves gifts for Politicians to boot. 

The DonaldThe kick in the head is how all these fake news outlets missed the real story. These liars keep printing stories about how the virus jumped from one species to another. It’s like they don’t understand this thing started with those bad guys over there — and us good guys here have it under control.

To state the obvious, I think this is all a steaming pile. These pathetic, so called leaders are power hungry and don’t care about anything that happens outside their little, gold lined cocoons. The only reason they care how many die is because they want to stay in power. Their concern for the economy is touching. 

Face it, our planet is led by small men. I read an article the other day that said the Nations having the most success with the virus all have one thing in common: women leaders. I started to provide you a link but discovered there are numerous articles on the subject. For a thought provoking read, take a minute, look it up, and pick an article.

So back to our question: is this a Chinese virus? To the extent it originated in China, yes. But only Photograph of Dean Lewisthat far… It seems like almost all virus strains get started in China. When you catch a cold, do you say “Damn those Chinese?” No you don’t, you think you caught it from your child, or that lady at work (God, she coughed all over me!). China doesn’t have anything to do with it.



The Great Chinese Fraud 

We’re on the brink on the Third World War… The world accuses China in unleashing a biological warfare. 

First, letting the COVID-19 sneak away from the Wuhan lab. Second, much worse, for acting too slow in the beginning hiding the real scale of trouble. Third, for deliberate cover-up afterwards: cheating on the virus statistics that led to absolutely wrong path to fight it worldwide.

Sounds like sci-fi? 

Not sure anymore. The law suites are already well underway and more snow could fall down…

On April 15 a high Chinese medical state official announced that China, surprise, surprise, got it wrong first but – don’t worry – got it now right. He said that in the beginning of the virus outbreak they didn’t count in those experiencing no symptoms as infected. 

Yep, they just excluded around 78 per cent of COVID-19 positive but symptomless folks as virus-infected. I’m not too strong in maths but even to me it became clear that the mortality rate has, in fact, gone down dramatically, five times lower, right? 

This, in turn, means that with the mortality rate as more testing shows would be finally going down to as low as 0.5 per cent or so (compared to 0.1 percent of the ‘regular’ flu). It would rate down the COVID-19: it would be no more the Black Death of the 21st century. 

Too many symptomless people are not counted as virus-infected and this is the key to the whole story. 

In this case it seems that lots of measures already taken everywhere, such as self-isolation, extreme social distancing, strict quarantine and, as a result, putting the world economy on pause with uncounted millions of unemployed people were not, so to speak, the best possible options to fight the virus. 

I can’t even imagine the size of harm, both tangible and intangible, that people and countries all over the world suffer now. 

I believe in such conditions the stress that people who lost jobs or money would probably lead to much more casualties then the coronavirus itself. In US in 2009 there was a surge of the various cancer diseases caused by the extreme stress people experienced back then…

The very same stress they feel now because they thought that the COVID-19 is too bad. In the end, it would turn out to be a very severe form of flu. True, the absolute necessity is still to isolate risk groups (mostly elderly). But there is no need to shut down the world economy and send businesses and people around the globe to go bankrupt.

This wrong approach has been kindly set up by the Chinese government that, first, made it happen – letting the virus sneak away from their lab. Second, the Chinese acted too slow trying to cover up the dangers of it. Finally, they were falsifying statistics on true numbers on those infected with the virus excluding the symptomless folks. Bad brew…

Now the US openly saying there’s an ongoing investigation to check out how the situation emerged and developed. How China is going to handle it all? 

Too many governments could soon go mad at the Chinese. Donald Trump has openly accused them of statistic fraud. They’re firing back now: China is ‘also a victim’ as it was nicely put by the China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang during the yesterday’s press briefing. Lovely…

The first gunshots are already heard: the incompetent WHO that downplayed the virus impact and then relied too much on the fake Chinese stats, was punished. Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

Now, I believe, there’s something that would unite leaders as extreme opposite as Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin, not even mentioning Trump: how are we going to punish China? 

2 thoughts on “China behind the virus outbreak?”
  1. Sergey, you appear to be advocating for an ‘eye for an eye’ response. I’d prefer to see the positives of the pandemic come to the forefront in politics for the emerging new world, and not a retreat back to war, pollution, hate and lies.

  2. Hello JP, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Yes, probably you could call it an ‘eye-for an eye’ approach. To me, this is too serious an issue – and very long-term in its outcomes, very influential, to just back track and forgive China with no lessons learned. My point was that we all need to make sure another bio-Chernobyl won’t come out of their secret labs in the next decade or so. I also don’t remember mentioning hate or pollution in my blog… anyway, like an old Chinese proverb says, ‘Let hundred flowers blossom’…

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