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Cats – a naturally superior race?

28th August 2018

It’s not necessarily the worst piece of writing I’ve ever done, as regular readers will probably testify, but it’s lacking in one important detail. 

Loki the Sphynx
Loki the Sphynx

Passion. You see, I am always passionate about politics, travel, transport, sport, in fact most things, but animals nowadays leave me stone dead. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had animals in the past – our family had a brilliant German Shephard right from a puppy who was superbly trained by Mrs B and gave us ten years of wonderful company and friendship. But that was then. Now, I find domestic animals a major irritation and nuisance. Smelly, dirty, often noisy and always needy, it’s now too much for this increasingly selfish old git. 

So writing even this piece of fun comparing cats and dogs I found quite unrewarding. I did a fair Roger Baraamount of research and tried to make the article at least faintly amusing, but the lack of passion about the subject is self-evident. Shame on me.

Onwards and Upwards!   

Roger’s Love is at: Cats – a naturally superior race?


Free What?

Oh Hell… anything but this! See, Roger & Sergey can out-write me any day of the week. It’s going to take them time to find a worst article. Me, I’m the Walmart of poor penmanship: I’ve got price and selection. I would even pay to make some of this tripe go away.

Italy Beach
Beach in Southern Italy

So I have to pick a single candidate from a vast selection. Perhaps my finest offering was made on 25/02/2018; a day that saw the literary arts explode in carnage rarely matched in history.

The article was called Free the Nipple and among my several crimes was trying to be too smart for my own good. The article was actually about the 2016 US Presidential Election and how Donald Trump needed Hillary Clinton to win. Donald NEEDED Hillary and she was the perfect foil. It propelled him all the way to the White House. The article has nothing to do with nipplesPhotograph of Dean Lewis and I knew I was in deep do-do when I had to explain that to Roger.

Article can be found here.





We once (in March, 2018) wrote a blog called ‘Future of retail’. 

I believe it was probably the worst thing I did for RUSUK. First, I didn’t know the subject. Second, honestly, it wasn’t my topic, I really didn’t hit the spot. Tried to do my best back then though. Still remember the feeling like I was paddling through the heavy waters…

Child holding poverty signThe reason of that particular blog was the ‘Toys-R-Us’ closing due to bankruptcy… It wasn’t something from my childhood to feel sorry about and to be shocked…

Just check this out:  

Being a Russian I can’t say that I have sweet childhood memories asking my parents to buy me some fancy toy and all that stuff. We didn’t have it then because I was born and bred in the Soviet Union. And we won’t have it now. I barely knew it as there were no ‘Toys-R-Us’ stores in Russia. It was, and, I think, still present only online. I’ve seen some stores while visiting the US but that was it. It was never on my radar and I am obviously not in a state of shock.

I am sure, though, that Roger and Dean would share much more exciting stories about the ‘Toy-R-Us’ saga.

As to the future of retail, I am not a marketing person to really make any valid observations. There was a couple of truly iconic brands that do not exist anymore and I kind of miss ‘em. One is Pan American and another is Saab. I believe it was a cool lifestyle to fly Pan Am overseas and to drive a Saab. Recently ABC produced the ‘Pan Am’ TV series but they lasted only one season… I’d prefer some not-so-breathtaking brands /retailers to vanish like, say, Opel or Ariel.

Yeah, I especially like those references to my blog mates as if I almost wanted them to carry the Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergeyweight instead of me. Plus being not an expert in retail, too…

To make a long story short, I’d grade myself an ‘F’ for this one. Kind of not proud of it at all. 

Sergey’s Article is here.

2 thoughts on “What’s the worst blog I have ever written?”
  1. Roger , shame on you , something must have happened in your past to feel the way you do about animals , most animals don’t small , most animals are cleaner than humans most animals are not needy just been friendly which is more than I can say for most humans , the loyalty and friendship animals show is pure and cannot be matched and is total unconditional I feel very sad that you are missing out but you hit the nail on the head saying you are a selfish old git .

    Still time to change .

    A true animal lover .

    Michael Newton

    1. Hi Michael. Some of us love animals and think humans can be dirtier and more unfriendly, whereas I, nowadays, see it the other way round. Who’s missing out really? It’s either both of us, or neither! Stay safe.

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