For their own people, China started off losing big-time after the shambles of their initial inability to do anything constructive once the virus had taken hold there. So much so, even their own people were turning against their government to the extent that the Chinese authorities had to do what they do best – lie and cheat their way to clear up the mess. Fake social media sites helped extoll the virtues of the now wonderful Chinese government, who were single-handedly responsible for the marvellous achievement of stopping the virus cold in its tracks. Now the people are on their side again, and the country can consider it’s a big winner – but at home only.

Kiss in mask - ChinaAs far as the rest of the world is concerned, China started this with its own incompetence, and while many governments around the world can hold their heads in shame at their own bumbling ineptitude, (are you listening Boris and the rest of the Tory party, you complete fuckwits?), China’s fault it remains, and always will. This pandemic has been made so much worse by China’s lack of democracy and human rights, putting down those doctors and scientists who tried to tell the world what was happening, not helped either by similar despicable regimes elsewhere including Iran.

There is no doubt all that makes China a very dangerous powerhouse, and if you put Xi, Trump or Putin as fixers and judgement-makers of the planet, then we need a hugely strong and united Europe to act swiftly. Which, of course, we don’t have, because at this time, Europe is a pathetically weak and uncoordinated group of disparate countries. That must change, but how?

If anything, this pandemic will come to show China’s foreign policy to be as repressive as their thuggery at home. How long the other major players will continue to turn a blind eye towards them Roger Barawill eventually decide whether they end up winners or losers. My only hope is that it’s the latter. Despite their near miracle economic development this century, China, under Xi, has repeatedly messed up. So come on, rest of the world, sort them out, now!  



The Sweep of History

I like history, well, no, I love history. Because we live inside history it’s often difficult to see the flow and we think it’s something one great leader can change.

Hitler was going to happen. Not because of the man himself, but because of the sweep of history. He gets far too much credit for what we did after World War One. After we defeated Germany, we humiliated the nation and its people. World War Two was going to happen and we brought it upon ourselves. History is a bitch.

Here’s one for you: I read there are few cases throughout history where one world power has been surpassed by a new world power, where the two haven’t gone to war. The leaders in China go to real trouble to keep a sense of humiliation alive concerning Japan. Young Chinese men especially would like to Make China Great Again. There are Chinese Generals who now, today, want to give America “a bloody nose”.

Enter the virus and to stage left, an American leader averse to books. Of course, the American wants to blame China for his Government’s response to Covid-19. No, I’m not working around to saying the US and China are about to go to war, because they are not. We are simply moving the chess pieces around setting the board for later. History is a bitch.

Stacked Ship ContainersThe events of the last five months will not stop the sweep of history. Sorry. Yeah, maybe a few Belt & Road ports won’t get built. But that was all crap anyway. With rising wages, China will find it difficult to compete with countries like Brazil, which is projected to have the world’s fifth largest economy in thirty years. China will have to move up-market and develop it’s massive domestic market. They must leave all that cheap, plastic crap behind.

China will not be a Big Winner because of the virus, she will be a big winner despite it. India will be quick to follow, only a few years behind. Covid-19 has certainly damaged China’s image on the world Photograph of Dean Lewisstage but despite this, China will emerge stronger than ever. China’s leaders, like politicians everywhere, will be quick to take credit for a rebounding economy & the nation’s rise and we will all fall for it… again. History is a bitch.




China, big winner or huge loser?

First of all, let’s consider the ethical side of the story. What have China done so far? Yes, I’m delivering my understanding of the situation from the open sources that I’ve seen. 

They let the virus sneak away from the lab in Wuhan. Seems to be a medical procedure failure. This is OK in terms that it may happen anywhere. The problem that it didn’t happen for the first time in China; they’ve had same problems with SARS lab leak before, etc. 

Container ShipThen they covered up the problem by two ways. First, by not informing the world about the virus outbreak itself. Then, by closing down the city but keeping the international air gates open as if intentionally letting the world to share this burden. This is not good. 

Finally, they supplied deadly wrong stats on COVID-19. It first led to undermining the danger of this kind of flu in terms of contagion; the WHO, probably corrupted or simply fooled by the Chinese, confirmed in January that it had no air-to-air transfer. The doors of hell were opened…

Then, acting from the other side, they admitted that they didn’t count in those infected but symptomless people thus sending absolutely wrong signal about its actual danger in terms of the COVID-19 true mortality rate. This led to panics in the world and shutting the economy down. 

The outcome? China has, acting both unintentionally and intentionally, set up a bio-Chernobyl. Having understood it, they’ve later decided to play with the stats to bring down the world economy.

People in protective suitesI believe China must be punished. I wouldn’t rely on those US states or persons who try to sue China, it is useless legally. A fake threat is not a threat and the Chinese know that. 

The only way to punish it – because it must be punished for what it has done and how it behaves now, denying everything – is the slow, very well-thought out process of taking the world production elements out of China and transfer it to other South-Asian countries, plus India. Plus, cut off China’s access to modern technologies and make everything secure to stop them stealing it. 

 Yes, I’m not being naive, China would still keep lots of production outlets and try to develop its own hi-tech but it might be hit hard and left very weakened. 

I know what I’m talking about; Russia has been hit hard by the Western financial sanctions after the Crimean adventure – and it suffers. Putin’s #1 job now is to lift it, though in the beginning he was standing tall and proud. 

China should be and might be a huge loser but it depends if the world (the West) handles it right. If such measures are not taken then it would be a repetition of a story that happened in Munich 1938. 

Make no mistake: it is not Putin, it is not the Moslem fanatics when we talk of real danger. Putin would be gone soon and Russia will change its current policy that is now harming itself first. The Islamic terrorists would be defeated soon once and forever and vanish from the world stage. 

It is China that is an absolute evil, just like Germany in the late 1930s. It is fighting the West and the West is blind to it, just relying on China’s cheap labour. I’m sure China is laughing at the short-sighted Western policy. Probably only Trump is their real concern now – this is why they want Biden badly but this is another exciting topic for RUSUK. 

It is a mighty power that thinks the West as its arch enemy and the rest of the world is just a resource to help beat the West. It is using every tool, even the COVID-19 case, to implement its policy. The Our Rusuk Blog writer SergeyWest needs a modern Churchill to punish the evil before it breaks out to hit the world harder than one could ever imagine…