Has my climate changed? 

Back in the 80s, still in the Soviet Union, when I was a schoolkid, we used to play hockey in our multiapartment building’s yard located in the district of Yasenevo, in Moscow. It wasn’t exactly ice hockey as we’ve been playing on the snow surface and no skates. The reason I write about it is that back then we’ve used to have cold winters and it was good to play around. 

This was about 30 years ago. 

Church of The Ascension
Church of The Ascension, Moscow

Now there’re no real cold winters in Moscow. Mostly we don’t have temperatures going below -10 Centigrade. Yes, it still could be chilly like in the negative twenties but it is now rather an exception. 

Judging by these observations, I admit that in the short range the climate has really changed: it got warmer. 

On the other hand, 30 years is just nothing from the climatology point of view. There’re great ice age cycles and we now happy to live in the interglacial period. We even arguing about global warming. 

My message to those whining pussies: guys, appreciate what you’ve got. We’re all lucky bastards not to live in the ice age. Just continue discussing global warming. 

In several thousand years from now we’ll get to the ‘Day after tomorrow’ movie reality. Sure, it wouldn’t happen as fast as in the film but it will happen. No problem. Just a matter of time. 

Plus, I wouldn’t say I like current winters in Moscow. I prefer when a winter is the winter: it must be chilly, lots of white, crispy, clean snow. When there’s blue skies it gets majestic. Now we mostly have grey-colored dirty snow on the streets. Grey sky. The snow melting then it gets chilly then it is melting again, dancing just below zero. No fun. 

On the contrary, the winters in Kazan where I often go are still true ones: the climate there is more Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergeycontinental and it is really chilly in wintertime with lots of snow. You can do lots of winter outdoor activities there, like skiing that I love. Looks like global warming hasn’t got to this place yet.





Has my climate changed?

You bet!

The answer is definitely yes, and it’s nothing to do with global warming – Mrs B and I simply chose to live in a totally different climate.

It’s almost a decade since my 35-year stint living in the southernmost part of the British Isles came to an end. I can’t say, at that time, whether I had noticed any change in the climate there. Frankly, it seemed ever the same – rain, rain, some more rain, cloudy, even cloudier, sometimes for days on end, oh, and the occasional short period of sunshine. 

UK Weather in Winter & SummerIn Britain, if you have more than 15 consecutive days without any measurable precipitation, it’s called a drought. It rarely happens, but if it occurs during the months between June and September, we recall that particular year with much affection, and we tell you that we have had a “magnificent summer.” We conveniently forget the countless other days of dreary dark clouds and regular rainfall surrounding that period.  

So it’s no wonder that so many Brits decide, if they are able, to go and live somewhere, upon retirement, that boasts of better weather. Which is exactly what we did. We chose North Cyprus, where the climate is not only far less depressing throughout the year, but has so many positive spin-offs; like waking up most days of the year to unbroken sunshine and clear blue skies, with the feel-good factor that it generates, and the extra heat and lack of dampness helping worn-out joints to be less painful.

Med. Sea at KarpazSo now my climate is a very hot summer, with temperatures up to 40C or more, and no rain at all, and a very short autumn, with winter not really kicking in until December. The temperature during the winter is extremely mild, rarely descending into single figures Celsius daytime, with no frosts, and the only snowfall at the top of the mountains. That’s followed by a very short spring and by April, summer starts to settle in. Roger Bara

In the relatively short time we’ve lived here, we’ve not noticed any real change in the weather patterns – after all, if you get 320 days of solid sunshine a year, one day is very much the same as the next. Oh Bliss……..



Stupid Libtard Question!

Smoking EarthWhat we care about is are you a good Marican or a Socialist? Are you with us or agin us? Not against, ah-gen. And please gawd don’t start spoutin’ facts, they’re all fake news anyways.

So when you ask about climate change in my town, an American hears the question as: “Are you now or have you ever been a libtard?” And don’t bother with how many years in a row blah, blah, blah. WE DON’T CARE!

What’s important is: 

  1. I will not be inconvenienced in the slightest measure by your problems.
  2. My Second Amendment right to carry a gun will not be infringed upon by your dead child.
  3. Your Granny was gonna die anyways so whats’ up with the girly mask?
  4. If your’e hot, turn on the damn AC! Dumbass.

So how has the climate in my town changed? It hasn’t; it gets hot in the Summer and cold in the Photograph of Dean LewisWinter and those are real facts. By the way, it also still snows a couple times a year — further proof, like anybody needed it. 


TRUMP! 2020!