Is the world a better place 3 years on?

Just around three years ago, in October 2017, my friends and now co-authors, Roger Bara, Dean Lewis, plus myself have launched a weekly blog that we’ve chosen to call RUSUK. Its title is made up of our three countries names: the UK, the US and RUssia. 

We’re writing our contributions basically each week as planned. Blog topics that we choose are very diverse, from lifestyle to general science, and from politics to history, literally everything. There’re no limitations or restrictions regarding this issue: freedom of speech is everything. 

I’d like to share with you my ideas on what has happened to the world since RUSUK came into existence. 

Well, if we’re talking about Russia, I must admit that the situation is getting worse and worse. The Vladimir Putineconomy is in a stop-and-go position thanks to our Great Leader Putin. The guy has always been a control freak but things are getting out of control for him. Real incomes going down for the seventh straight year. In any normal country he would be out of the office years ago due to incompetence. 

Russia is not a ‘normal’ country now. 

We’ve got the guy who is afraid to go because of the personal security issues. This is his personal drama. Just recently he’s changed the Constitution to be eligible to rule up to 2036. On the other hand, there’re mounting rumors that the guy will resign even before 2024 when the next election is scheduled. I personally hope that he leaves, as the country has been stumbling since 2012. After the Crimea adventure the country gained virtually nothing but lost a lot. And after the shooting down of the Malaysian Boeing in 2014, Putin become a pariah. He’s time is long gone and he’s destined to go, not as a winner. Had he gone in 2008, when his second term finished, he would’ve been a great president. Now even his supporters are getting more and more disappointed: Putin has become a setback to the country, an archaic from the 1970s, his head filled with long-gone Soviet dreams, out-of-touch with reality…

After he’s gone, I expect fast economical and politic liberalization: the country needs a good kick-down to get back to the status of ‘a normal’ country it had once been, I’d say, in 2012 latest. 

What about the world since RUSUK has begun? 

It’s been a nice place before Covid-19 came down. Then it’s become a disaster: after all, this virus is just a flu, though comparatively very severe, with 1 per cent mortality rate – whatever alarmists would tell you.Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey I’m just expecting the whole world getting back to normality, not ‘a new normality’. Just like Russia, too: in this case, after the Great Leader is finally gone to political non-existence. We’ve got our own Covid-19.




Is the world a better place than three years ago?

As far as my country is concerned, it’s a more divided, unhappy and depressing place than when we started these blogs in October 2017. Yes, lots has happened in that time, like my English football team managing to progress from mediocre to something akin to mediocrity. And my country’s football team failing in glorious style at the 2018 World Cup. They usually fail with a whimper.

The only two real important issues were the pointless and useless discussions with Europe concerning the U.K. leaving the Union, (Brexit), and of course the bloody pandemic. Both of these have left large divides within the population.

The vote for Brexit had already been made before we started these blogs, but virtually no progress appears to have been made in negotiating a leaving settlement. For some reason, the British government, and those misguided people that voted for Brexit, all think that Europe should agree to our demands, even though it is us, Britain, that wanted to leave. Strange, that.  

We’ve had two prime ministers in this period – the well-meaning but hopelessly inept Theresa May, only for her to be replaced by an utter buffoon of Trump-like qualities. Boris Johnson always wanted to be Prime Minister, but once he got the job he discovered that not only did he not like it, but he was totally unequipped, intellectually or morally, to hold the position. I don’t really blame him too much, apart from the lying and general deceit he continually shows; I blame the absolute idiots within the Conservative party that voted for him to have the top job. Every single person in the country, bar those Johnson supporters, knew what the outcome would be.

And that outcome manifested itself in a total botch-up of protecting the population during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. It seemed to almost everybody that he and his cohorts were making things up as they went along, giving lethargic advice here and there, culminating in many parts of Britain now facing almost a full lockdown once again. Yes, the public are partly to blame for this, especially the numbskull virus-deniers, and those that, frankly, couldn’t give a fuck about their fellow human beings.  But here’s Roger Barathe rub. Because of the bumbling way Johnson and his cronies go about their business, there is no longer any rapport between government, and its people – no trust, no belief and in many cases, no hope. 

A better place? You must be joking. 



Is the world a better place than three years ago?

It really doesn’t feel like we have been writing these for three years but, yeah the world has changed during that time:

  • Trump has divided America
  • China has displaced the US as the planet’s most aggressive nation
  • Space X now launches more than the world combined
  • We are running out of bananas
  • Boeing has been unmask for the asses they are

If the above isn’t enough, we now offer the convenience of pandemic delivery in your neighborhood. No need to attend your local restaurant; which works because it’s closed anyway.

And speaking of closed:

  • JC Penny
  • Hertz
  • GNC
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Regal/Cineworld Theaters

Of course, even bigger names are about to follow. There have been twenty million jobs lost in the US and four million of those are never coming back. 

And that is the real news. Yet another four million jobs. Remember one job is not one person, it’s one family. These are four million car payments, mortgages, and power bills that will not be paid. But this is news for next year. 

The three writers of the Rusuk BlogThen, we will all get to enjoy members of Congress pretending they didn’t know millions of families were about to become homeless. The joys of government by reality TV.

Personally, the last three years have not really brought great changes to my life. I still live in the same neighborhood and have the same friends. I look forward to the future and I guess I always have. I think Photograph of Dean Lewisthe next three years are going to be far more interesting than the last. 

Perhaps that’s really the story: it’s a kind of glass half full/empty phycho-test thingie and we all get to play along. The last three years have changed the world and I want to see what happens next.