Trump on a tank

If he loses, will Trump stand again in 2024?

Agonisingly, from my point of view, the answer is yes, in all probability. Either he will stand again, or some equally frightening, equally bonkers, equally stupid moron, like his similarly named son, will.

Even more agonisingly, whoever “he” is will almost certainly win, and win without recounts, anywhere.

Assuming, which is a dangerous thing to do in 2020, that Trump and his cohorts are dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House on or before the 20th January next year, Trump will continue to stay very heavily in the spotlight. More so than President Biden ever will. The Republican party politicians are far too scared and full of girl’s blouses to argue with Trump’s assertion that the election was completely fraudulent, and he in fact won by a landslide. The vast majority of those who voted for him believe every single lie that comes out of his foul mouth. If Trump said go and kill a democrat, that’s what they’d do. Gladly. 

Fox NewsThe first thing Trump will do out of office is create the world’s most influential media empire. Watch out Murdoch, your time is up. What of Trump’s previous mouthpiece, Fox News? History. Trump TV and Trump FM will make his Twitter ranting and ravings look positively mild. He will do what Hitler did in the 1930s – say enough fake utterings often enough, and those that want to believe the crap, will. 

By the time the next election is round the corner, if Civil War 2 hasn’t already started, then it’s plain sailing for the Trump empire. The hapless Democrats will have endured four years of misery, after being handed the worst-performing fight against the pandemic in the world, and the subsequent melt-down of industry and commerce. The American people will be so utterly fed-up with years of relative austerity, they will go for a change just for the sake of it. Especially as most of them will have been completely brain-washed by that time.

If you think I am underestimating the intelligence of the American folk, just think what they have Roger Baraalready achieved in the past four years. Put an idiot in charge, and almost re-elect him again. So what’s to stop him or his son, or some other Dictator-elect, being proudly installed back in the White House in 2024? Bet your life Trump won’t be complaining about vote-rigging then. 



Trump 2024?

Donald Trump is no loser but this time he seems to lose it. He didn’t lose it to somebody ‘cool’ like Barack Obama, (‘cool’ just because he’s black, I see no other reason); he lost it to a ‘nice guy’ Joe Biden, the king of nothingness. The guy who spent 47 years in big politics with no single achievement to put on table.

Unlike Trump.

The ‘Orange man’ has done a huge tax reform, the stock markets soared, the jobless rate fell to an all-time low, etc. I think it went mostly unnoticed at the time but he also changed the rules of engagement in the US Army so Russian jets no more try to fly over the US Navy ships: those reckless things stopped immediately when Trump became the Commander-in-Chief. The Rocket Man Kim has also stopped firing his ballistic missiles – right after the meeting with Trump. We remember that ‘cool’ Barack Obama looked helpless dealing with Kim, with Syria, etc. Trump stood strong in the economic fight with China and he basically got what he wanted from the Chinese. Now, I suspect, Joe will sell it out.

Plus Biden’s son Hunter has probably done some very funny stuff with the Ukraine and China and we’re about to see what happens next.

Judging by what he has done, not by what he talks or how he behaves, Donald Trump, in my opinion, was a strong and very able president.

Trump-RallyThis is why Trump must feel especially hurt being beaten by Biden, a very compromised figure, with no own vision of what to do as POTUS. He will probably be gone in a couple of years due to his obvious mental problems. If Kamala, a far-left activist, comes to power then America would experience some very fun times. Some people would probably think of the Trump times as very good times, I believe.

Donald Trump, I believe, only lost it because of his black swan, the Covid-19 or China Virus, whatever you call it. Otherwise, with the economy on the go, I believe he might’ve won his re-election… but this is just a speculation.

So will he try to get back in 2024?

Physically and mentally he is no Joe Biden. In 2024 Trump will hit the current age of Sleepy Joe, 78 years old. He is also ready to do it energetically because he feels his loss is not because he did something wrong in economy but because of the pandemic. Plus, don’t forget all those investigations that just went nowhere but certainly hit his reputation as is. He suffered for no reason as I think. The US ‘deep state’ is not a mirage, it turned out to be a very powerful beast to knock-out a President who doesn’t belong to the system.

Donald Trump is a strong person who might seek revenge. I believe he is ready to go on and to actively come back on stage somewhere in 2023. Just look at Winston Churchill’s comeback in 1951. Trump’s got his support base among the ‘forgotten men and women of America’. This is a precious political resource because too many people just believe he is a true winner.

Too many people think he lost due to possible election fraud and obvious media stance against him, which is, I think, a shame to American journalism. Most of the US media plus the Big Tech now look like propaganda tools, not media. Believe me, I was born in the USSR, I know what I’m talking about. Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

If Trump keeps his hold on the Republican party, that was up to 96 per cent support just before the 2020 election, he will surely try it one more time in 2024. Will he? This is a question.

But Donald Trump is about to utter: ‘I’ll be back’.



Make America Great Again… Again

TRUMP 2024!

The Donald should not run again. That’s a statement with a period at the end. HE may not understand it yet but this is quickly becoming set in stone. 

Biden Trolls Trump

Let me explain:

Damaged Goods. I spent many years in various aspects of marketing. This is not politics, this is simple marketing: he is destroying his brand. The more childish temper tantrums he throws after the votes are counted, the smaller his chances become. He is making himself damaged goods. This will not hurt him with his core base but it will destroy his image within the wider Republican Party. He must have those guys to run again.

He could be in jail. He may try to give himself a pardon on his way out of the door, but a pardon from the President only covers a Federal Crime. But that’s alright, it’s the Federal probe that contains felonies with jail time. The State of New York has spent years investigating Trump and the scope of their enquiries have grown over time. He cannot pardon himself from whatever happens with the Southern District of New York. These crimes involve hefty fines but no jail time because they are civil. The irony here is that because they could not charge him while he was in office, they have had years to investigate every little nook and cranny of the man’s life. 

Homie got bills. I understand that Trump will have some three-hundred million in loans becoming due during Biden’s first term. It costs money to run for President; you don’t make a big profit on the deal. In the past he has been able to renege on paying loans back and the Banks would let him do it because they didn’t want the publicity. Now it’s just the opposite: the Banks will be the ones getting the bad press if they let him walk away.

Any one of the above could cause him not to run but he has all three – at the same time. However, in no way can he be seen as losing face. If he can get one of the kids to run, it gives him the perfect out. Two of his children are interested in trying this Presidential thingie for themselves. That would allow him to not run by claiming he is passing the baton. He could run and he would win biggly but he wants his child to win so he will graciously step aside.Photograph of Dean Lewis

It would be a mistake not to close by noting that one perfect, beautiful thing that may force Trump to run again: his ego. It’s magnificent, the greatest ever (just ask) and it may not allow him to quit even if he should; time will reveal all.