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First contact: already happened? 

I understand that this is just a hypothesis but, to me, the First Contact might have already happened in the very distant past. 

I wouldn’t talk here about lots of ancient myths from all around the world saying that our predecessors have come down from the sky to start a civilization on Earth. Those myths tell us about gods or divine strangers from outer worlds that have brought various knowledge to the people of the Earth.

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I do not rule out such a possibility. After all, what is a myth? Something that actually happened in the past and then, in a metaphorical, symbolic form transported to the generations to come. In a shape those generation would understand it. 

Just look at the pictures here: one can find those strange ‘bags’ and ‘watch’ or ‘bracelets’ in basically every ancient culture of the world, from the Shimerians to Aztecs. Yes, there’s different visual styles, based on a distinct culture. But the items themselves are easy to spot, mystifying scholars and researchers. 

archeological finds supporting first contact

Isn’t it very, very strange? 

I’ve read many times about them before in various sources and recently have done some more research. There’s no final scientific explanation of what these accessories are. Could those things be something of some hi-tech devices of an advanced civilization? Why not? 

My point is that these ‘Gods’ with such weird accessories of unknown purpose might well be those mystical ‘Seven Sages’, divine tutors who enlightened previously wild people from Egypt to Mesopotamia to Central America. Lots of ancient legends from around the globe talk about those teachers coming from another world to help and educate. If true, then there’s two possible explanations: they’re either really some ‘out-of-Earth’ creatures or survivals of the vanished super-civilization that tried hard to hand down the torch of knowledge to the people of our planet.  

So far we don’t know the answer. Thanks to new archeological data, including marine archeology, lots of new evidence is coming up to the surface. For instance, the famous Goebekle Tepe site in Turkey, which mysteriously originated, according to verified archeological information, around 9600 BC, out of nothing -in a place previously populated by only hunters and gatherers with no knowledge of agriculture. By the way, this is the exact date, according to Plato, of the Atlantis catastrophe. Is it a coincidence? Yes, the human-like figures decorating Goebekle Tepe monuments have those ‘bags’, too.  

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This is why I think that we might have already experienced this contact. It would take decades to study and prove it. But if true, those ‘Seven Sages’ have brought the light of knowledge to us. Then there is no bad in the First Contact.  

First contact – would it be good for Earth?

The idea of an alien civilisation making themselves known to us has intrigued me throughout my life. As a child, I thought it was inevitable. Sadly, as I grew older and gained more knowledge, I have long since come to the conclusion that it will never happen. Ever. So I can’t answer the question posed because there is zero chance of it having to be dealt with. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m convinced there is plenty of life around our ever-expanding Universe, and I’ve no doubt that some of it has become intelligent and civilised. Or will become so over the next few billion years. Or has already existed during the last 13.8 billion years.

Hubble Space Telescope Image
Hubble Space Telescope Image

Two salient things will stop contact happening. The first is the sheer distances involved. It is so difficult to imagine just how big the universe is. And it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Take a look at this image taken by the Hubble telescope. It shows thousands of other galaxies, like our own Milky Way.  When you think that just getting to our closest star, travelling at the speed of light, would take four years just to get there, and getting to our closest galaxy a little bit more, some 2,500 years, it’s impossible to imagine how long it would take to get to some of those distant galaxies in the image.

Radio Telescopes

The second is that if our human race is anything to go by, supposedly intelligent, then long before anyone can travel the kind of distances involved, the aliens will long since have either destroyed their planet or more likely, have destroyed themselves.

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I’ve just thought of a third. Why would any alien species bother to contact a completely insignificant planet, which goes around a puny yellow dwarf of a sun, where the inhabitants regularly kill each other in wars, or annihilate each other because of race or religion, or abuse each other just because they have different opinions? Anything remotely intelligent wouldn’t bother.

First Contact – Run It On Page 12

Most folks define First Contact as several Grays getting out of their ship and having a little face to face time. Maybe scratch the dog and ponder whether Bud is actually made from genuine Clydesdale piss. 

Nah, not too likely. But it makes a great movie when they blow up the White House. 

By the time we have our first face to face meeting, first contact should be old news. Why? Because it most likely will not go down this way. Why? Again with the why; you do know this is a free Blog, right?

OK, science class time. You know white light is basically all the colors of the rainbow combined. Cool. Now if pure white light passes through a gas, the molecules in that gas absorb light, so now our rainbow in a prism has some little dips in it. Each dip corresponds to the exact wavelength absorbed by a certain gas. We can tell what gas light has passed through based on the light we receive in our telescopes. 

Here’s where things get interesting; there are several new, powerful space telescopes coming online shortly. If you look at a planet and take its spectra, you can tell what kind of gasses are in its atmosphere. There’s more to it but that will do. So now we have our little rainbow with a bunch of dips in it.

What would happen if one of those little dips corresponds to hetra-cattle-cow-o-zine? There are many industrial chemicals in our atmosphere that will give us away to folks with decent telescopes. If we know what chemicals you use, we can tell roughly what kind of technology your planet has.

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I have read where several serious astronomers say with ultimate confidence that we will find extraterrestrial life within the next ten years. No, it’s not the kind of first contact where Will Smith jumps in his F18, but it would certainly be the lead story of the century.

Some believe that our planet will change; peace, love and holding hands around the campfire. I don’t buy it. Oh yeah, for the first few weeks that would be the only thing on TV, but the 24 hour news cycle waits for no Gray and old men crave power. Do you believe for one second China or any number of Trumpy leaders will allow the UN to decide on first contact? Do you believe we will speak as one? Unfortunately, mankind is predictable.

Our leaders can’t have people running around singing Imagine. Don’t worry, pretty soon things will settle into their old ways and the story will settle into its rightful place – on page 12. 

Photograph of Dean Lewis

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