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Mainly, because people are stupid. Not all of us, obviously. As I will discuss, it may not be their fault that they are scientifically stupid.

The beauty of science is that all its ideas are reliable because they have been subjected to meticulous and painstaking testing. 

Unlike art, or religion, science is based on pragmatic research and the results are only considered reliable when other scientists can perform the same experiment under the same conditions and obtain the same or similar results.

Take the pandemic – at first, the scientists wanted us to wipe our food and packets, but then they said we should wear masks. There was no such instructions to wear masks at the outset, so stupid people thought that was a problem with science, but for heaven’s sake, that’s how science works!

The denial of science is hugely magnified by social media. While that’s relatively new, science denial is not. Think of Copernicus and his staggering claim that the earth was not the centre of our solar system, but that the sun was instead. He outraged religious leaders who later condemned his heliocentric view of the universe as heresy. Luckily for the astronomer, he died before being boiled in oil, or hung drawn and quartered, but the false premise that the earth was at the centre of everything prevailed for a long time.

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Today, denial is so amplified by social media sending it around the world in milli-seconds, that disinformation is taken as gospel. Usually, by stupid people, who reject the validity of a scientific source because its conclusion contradicts their own deeply-held views.

So, what’s to be done about this? It’s too late for many anti-vaxxers. Millions are dead or dying, still claiming the whole pandemic thing is a hoax. But maybe for future generations, we should take a long, hard look at how we educate our children in science.

Traditionally, it’s taught as a collection of facts in textbooks. Maybe science should be taught not as that collection, but as a process. Schoolchildren should be taught how scientists know what they know, and teachers should encourage students to ask and then answer their own questions. Surely a much more productive way to promote the idea of science. 

Maybe the problem is also communication – let’s be fair, most scientists are not well versed in the ability to communicate to us normal folk. Why should they be? They are brilliant at what they do, you know, science and stuff, so why should they devote some of their precious time to learn  how to articulate their findings to us ignorant masses? We need science communicators who can talk to us all in a well-informed and understandable way, and put it all into context; it’s what I call leading by values.

Then maybe we can lessen the amount of stupid people who go out of their way to ridicule and deny what is already proven. Another words, don’t lead with facts in order to convince; that doesn’t work. Lead with those values, which will give the facts a fighting chance to be understood by even the stupid.

Why is science so disbelieved? 

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

There was no landing on the Moon; all things were set up in Hollywood. Remember, the waving flag? Once, around ten years ago, I was watching a Discovery Channel show about those cult members. I was surprised: it seemed they’ve been covering the story with some kind of sympathy towards those freaks. Was it some perverted political correctness? At least, there was no voice-over saying openly those guys were uneducated idiots.

The COVID vaccine is also evil. I personally know some antivaxxers here in Russia. Plus, some say the Earth is flat and are gladly ready to share the massive evidence they’ve got at hand to prove it. Those flat-Earthers guys think that disc-shaped Earth is surrounded by an ice wall: in their weird world this is something that exists instead of Antarctica. Most of them refer to the Bible as the reliable source saying that the Earth is flat. Okay. Recently I’ve heard about an expedition planned to reach this Great Wall to finally document it and verify the flat Earth theory… What an interesting reality they live in!

Why do people believe in such crap? 

The key word here is to believe. Science is not about beliefs. It is about evidence. In Russia, for instance, some people don’t believe that Americans did land on the Moon because they hate the United States. This is not even about pseudoscience. They think America is a giant Hollywood with all its might existing only as various PR activities. I don’t get their logic but this is not about logic. This is about emotions. 

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I guess the science is so ‘disbelieved’ today simply because so many people still have non-scientific, archaic consciousness. They still live in a world of gods and demons. This world of full of symbols, such as cross or crescent, that have been as tools to rule the uneducated masses for millennia of the human history.

To make a long story short, residents of this world prefer to believe, not to know. So when you believe in something, you don’t need any evidence. You just cook up some system of beliefs and then choose the facts to fit it.  You also deny facts contradicting it. 

At the dawn of human history, scholars were known as sages. There are, for instance, some misty references to the Seven Sages who were shedding the light of civilization, bringing various kind of knowledge, such as agriculture, to our ancestors. To be as convincing as possible, they were mixing science with spirituality. 

Too many human beings still rely on pure spirituality, on fears or symbolics instead of rationality when it comes to imagine the true picture of the world.    

Why is science often disbelieved?

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In my country there is an active push to discredit science. Schools should not share certain information that makes a child ashamed of who he is. Yes, you may have facts but we have alternative facts. 

You’re welcome to believe your facts, but they are wrong; see our facts are superior. We know this because we saw it on Facebook. We also want to shut-down Facebook because they are biased and are trying to silence ‘We The People’.

Reproduceable facts are the stuff of Libtard fantasy. Your hypothesis is my idea of sheepeople speak. This is why Universities in Florida are now required to report exactly what they are teaching impressionable minds, to the government.

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It’s no coincidence that the recent election in Virginia was decided on what was being taught in schools. See, ideas are dangerous… certain books must be banned from school libraries. The only ideas young people should be aware of are ones pre-approved.

Look, how do you expect God fearing Patriots to understand that those damned vaccines make you magnetic if you libtard fools continue to smear your fake science news all over the lame-stream media? 

It’s only when patriots like Carlson and Trump, people just like you and me, stand up for the truth that those satanic worshiping, blood drinking pedophiles, the Democrat leaders, will be sent to Guantánamo Bay. 

The truth will make you a better American! Listening to stupid scientist puff themselves up with bogus facts will not. Thankfully, only 45% of Republicans (the Party of God) still believe in science according to a recent Gallup poll .

Last year, Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortley found out that stem cells were being used in the production of artificial sweeteners and proposed a bill prohibiting companies in Oklahoma from using aborted fetuses to make food.

Yes: They are putting fetal tissue in your Diet Coke! Except in Oklahoma where there is now a law against the practice. Thank God real Americans are starting to stand up for real facts.

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  1. Loved this article, well-written guys. Should be more of this stuff on public news channels daily. Needs hammering in to certain individuals. Also the social media platforms need to be dealt with in a more strict way.

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