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Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

We’re all sinners sometimes. We’re all bad, not at all times, surely. I’ve personally done some bad things in my life. Towards my women, mostly. Towards other people, too. 

The funny thing is – here’s the spoiler – I believe the humanity’s worst trait is meanness. This is something I’ve been doing sometimes. I have to admit it and I had to commit it but such things have been happening to me. 

The question is ‘Why?’


I’ve known lots of people who were being mean. It’s pretty easy to blame somebody else – rightfully – and much harder to take a look at the mirror. I just wonder: every time when I was mean at a given moment, was it the only option? 

This is how we get to philosophy. If there were other options, than I’m really mean. Just didn’t want to choose them or didn’t have the balls not to be mean. 

If there were no other options than I’m fine. 

The thing is that I know sometimes there were other options. 

This is why I think meanness is the worst trait.

Mankind’s worst trait

Roger Bara

It was a toss-up for me between two particularly nasty human failings. I thought I might go for narcissism – I cannot stand ignorant twats making crazy and stupid decisions throughout their miserable existences, and then blaming everybody else on the planet for those failings – everybody but themselves. I’m sure we all know someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else but then flies off the handle at the slightest criticism. You know, the sort that twist the truth to suit their own narrative.

But I’ve plumped for ignorance, because, quite frankly, there’s little excuse for ignorance in this day and age. And just to be clear, ignorance in my language does not mean stupidity. It means uninformed, rather than unintelligent. I repeat that there is little justification these days to be uninformed.

Ignorance is worst trait

Of course, a lack of education is a prime example of what can lead to ignorance. People are also deliberately misled. Take the youngsters living in the Greek part of Cyprus, not far from where I presently live. Their history text books conveniently miss out the main reason their island is now divided; it fails to mention the attempted genocide of the Turkish Cypriots by Greeks and Greek Cypriots. These kids grow up ignorant, but is it their fault? 

Take my country’s perverted Brexit campaign. Lie after lie after lie were perpetrated and enough uninformed people fell for it, and now their country is on the verge of ruin. Ignorance on a stunning level.  

Religion doesn’t get away with it either. Extremists are another example of ignorant folk who cannot fathom out what is right and what is downright wrong.

Today, there is simply no excuse for anti-vaxers, flat-earthers, climate change deniers, anti-gun-control freaks and conspiracy-theorists. The information is all out there, and all it takes is a desire to be well informed. But so many people stick to their particular prejudices, and believe in anything that will amplify their beliefs. That is ignorance, and the world has it, sadly, in massive doses. It’s hugely dangerous, and causes so much friction and potential disaster.

I can’t think of a worse human trait, one that could ultimately destroy the planet.

Mankinds Worst Trait

Photograph of Dean Lewis

Yes, yes, I really should go with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Does anybody know how gluttony made number two on the list? See, I’m thinking I may have slipped something like genocide in there. Guess nobody will ever ask me to write a holy book.

So my worst trait is one many would not consider: Dehumanising Humans. Yeah, that’s my biggest one. Perhaps you would like an explanation? I few years back I met a woman who was in the debit collection business. Her job was to find people and make their lives a living hell until they gave her money. 

I was always curious why anyone, anywhere would take such a job. I listened carefully as she talked about the debtors: they were all scammers, liars, and dogs looking to pull a fast one. Every last one. 

People who said they lost jobs or had an illness were liars. These pigs needed to do the right thing and pay. And her job was to make them pay… no matter what. As an aside, you will not be surprised to learn that hospital bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. 

It became clear to me that she needed to dehumanise these poor people so she could destroy them without guilt. I will go without food myself before I would ever take such a job. 

Jews in WWII

This is not too serious a case of dehumanising people. Perhaps the most famous case involves a fellow named Adolf: he needed to dehumanise Jews so the decent people would not feel guilt over what they were doing. Each step builds on the last but it all starts with accepting  that these people are sub-human cockroaches. No need to feel remorse, they have it coming.

In my home country dehumanising people is well and truly underway. For perhaps the last decade, it was fashionable to refer to Democrats as Socialists. But how long can Fox News commentators do that before it no longer has any shock value? So unsurprisingly, Members of Congress and conservative commentators now refer to Democrats as Communists and Marxists. If you think that people should have health care, you’re a Marxist.

The libtards are destroying the very fabric of our once proud nation. They steal elections, take your liberty, and seize your guns. They want to replace the entire white race! They will completely open the borders so that those greasy brown bastards from shithole countries can come in here and vote you into poverty.

You know what, somebody ought to do something about this! YOU need to fight like hell… Look, we will take a little stroll up to the Capitol and make our voices heard.