Andrey & Doga

Two weeks ago we used a picture of Андрей/Andrey, an officer in the Ukrainian Army. Last night we received an update that we wanted to share with you. We will let his mother tell you in her words:

Everything that happened this week is just HORRIBLE!!!!! I have no words for this …..

My favorite city is almost gone😢, everything is in ruins…

How with what heart could a children’s hospital, a maternity hospital be bombed????!!!!!!!!

I just dont know if there will be an end to all this!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

From the son until yesterday there was no news …


I thank the LORD GOD THAT I HAVE BEEN ALIVE [ed: He is still alive]

Andrey's Home Town
Andrey’s Home Town
Table & Candle

We are told that Andrey is currently in a hospital in Dnepropetrovsk. His mother adds: “I thought I wouldn’t survive this.” Later in the evening we had another update from Andrey’s Mother:

My soul hurts and my heart is for Mariupol, my granddaughter and Sonya stayed there, that’s the name of my son’s wife, and many of my friends…🤭

Today they bombed again and equipment entered the city…

I don’t even know if I have a house???!!!It’s scary to think…but the most important thing is that my son is alive!!!!

Only Roger and Dean are involved in creating this update. When we were discussing this article, Sergey, who lives in Moscow, wrote the following:

I won’t post it on my Facebook because now I could be under criminal prosecution according to newly adopted laws if I do so.

This is the first time we have ever excluded our friend from an article. Indeed he is unaware this is being posted. Sergey has two young daughters and we don’t want Sergey to do anything at all that could result in his removal from that home.