Olga Moiseenko is from Mariupol, Ukraine and currently resides in Poland. She recently lost her home, family photos, and all possessions due to an attack on her apartment building. [Ed note: In American English, an apartment is a condominium] While the article is the shortest of the three we published, it is powerful and Olga’s passion for her homeland shines through. At this writing, she has left Poland because family was concerned about the amount of stress she was under. She is visiting two brothers & family in Ireland and will return to Poland next week. The future … is blank.

Olga’s Apartment

Why do you think it happened?

First, it’s political game of two strong powers that has been going on since I was the age of 14 and the war has been going on for 8 years…and now it has grown into a large-scale bloody war, unfortunately it is…too far gone…

How do I feel about this?

I have no words … this is a tragedy for my beloved Ukraine, a great loss of life of people, children … this is genocide for my Motherland !!!! For my country, for our Great Ukraine! I pray to God that this horror ends as soon as possible🙏🙏🙏

How do you think this will end?

There is no doubt that UKRAINE WILL WIN!!!

Ukraine will win because we are a strong nation, we have strong patriotism, we love our country, our motherland.

A link to a Facebook video we believe you should watch.

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