Compromise - Mariupol
Roger Bara

If my two sons were fighting for either side, I would be begging for a compromise, so that the war would end and the bloodshed stop. Whatever the future consequences.

But my sons are both safe and happy with their respective families, thousands of miles away from the carnage. So, very selfishly, I do not want any compromise that would benefit the Russian bullies. I want to see Russia eventually defeated so badly, that never again will its president feel able to violate international conventions and distort the truth so criminally to its population.

Russia seems to have an unrepentant imperialism as its modern identity and its invasion of Ukraine is a geocidal objective. Putin, throughout his reign, has needed to either control or crush Ukraine. Faced with the destruction of their nation, it is no wonder that the unbelievably brave, courageous and resilient Ukrainian soldiers believe they have no other choice other than to continue fighting until victory can be assured. 

Compromise - Broken Gun

I believe that the country that has suffered so much because of Russian aggression over a long period is now closer to securing proper freedom than at any other time in its long and troubled history. Any compromise would certainly encounter huge public opposition. Back in July, a poll showed that 84% of Ukrainians opposed any territorial concessions. It simply “ain’t gonna happen”, as may Yankee friend Dean would say.

The whole world needs to keep united in assisting Ukraine in any way possible. Please, no more talk about concession or compromise. The only way to achieve peace is helping Ukraine win the war, despite the appalling cost.

Should there be a compromise in Ukraine? 

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

As I write this blog after Putin’s mad speech, I am still under an impression. He blames the West, mostly America, for all the bad things in the world, from colonialism and opium wars to Ukraine-the-puppet-state. He even declared that Japan and Germany are currently “still partly occupied by the US.” This was a sick man speaking about a crazy world he lives in. 

On the other hand, at the moment it seems that Putin holds an upper hand. He annexed these four regions, Kherson, Zaporrizhia, Lugansk, and Donetsk, claiming that they are a part of Russia now. He started this mobilization that would send dozens of people to die for him. This mobilization would shield the annexed territories from possible Ukrainian advances. I am also sure that in a dire military situation Putin may use tactical nuclear weapons with a small yield. I think that in his wicked universe he defends the Motherland against Nazis. 

Plus, the West, at least, at the moment, just formally protested and did nothing serious to prevent annexation. It is obvious that, given no nukes are used on the battlefield, NATO or the US will not interfere directly. And I perfectly understand why. There’s no effective strategy to deter Putin, other than a direct military confrontation. 

Compromise - Heart

This is why I think that currently, even though they have a military initiative, Ukraine is under mid-term threat because of all these drafted troops with me having not a slight chance to be a part of it. 

Finally, there are rumors that some shadowy negotiations are taking place, probably at the expense of Ukraine. Some kind of a deal can be struck, and in his speech today Putin openly said about it. 

The West will not sell out Ukraine, as it will strengthen Putin enormously, and motivate him to go West, like the Baltic countries, in a couple of years. It will also inspire China to resolve the Taiwan issue asap. 

After the Afghanistan debacle, the United States can’t afford one more, of a much greater scale. 

Methinks that some kind of cease-fire can be achieved but only after both sides use all their military potential to find a solution. Today we are far from any kind of tangible negotiations. I think now Putin is not going to lose the war, and Ukraine is not going to win it. But Vlad risks very much at home because the mobilization is not really supported even by many of his Z-shaped supporters, bone-headed people. 

I am a pessimist, good guys will not win, and I believe several months of fierce fighting will eventually lead to some cease-fire. Somewhere in 2023, Putin will be able to sell at as victory. Zelensky will not.

Should there be a compromise in Ukraine?

Photograph of Dean Lewis

Over the last eight months many of us have become arm chair generals and I’m afraid I’m no good at it. I was sure the Russians would romp when the war started and I have been wrong at every step along the way. This pleases me greatly: Slava Ukraini. Putin’s incompetence seems to have no bounds and he’s worse at the arm chair general business than I am. Well, not quite, he gets to blame everyone around him and I have only myself. 

While I may be the worst arm chair general, I’m far from the worst general. That honor must go to the fool who thinks it’s a great idea to draft men from Kherson into the Russian Army. “Welcome, here’s an AK-47, now go out there and kill the enemy.” It would be a silly Monty Python skit except people are going to die. And General Dumbass will accidentally fall out a sixth-floor window. Putin will not care.

As for this compromise stuff, it comes down to what you believe. For example, President Erdoğan of Türkiye (Turkey) says that Putin wants to make peace. Zelenskyy doesn’t even want to start talking until all Russians are driven from Ukraine. I think both stories are true. 

You don’t need to be an arm chair general to know that’s not gonna work at all.  Zelenskyy doesn’t want to start talking until Putin is totally humiliated. If Vlad starts from that point, he most likely will fall out the damn window himself. Right now, I really don’t see how compromise is possible.

I remember reading some analysts that said that Putin wants a long, grinding war. Even at the time, I thought that was exactly what he didn’t want. Apparently, he still thinks the Toilet Bowl Twins, Macron & Shultz, will come to rescue him. France and Germany refuse to give even the weapons that they have already promised, let alone seriously help Ukraine. 

Putin seems not to understand that the longer this goes on, the stronger Ukraine becomes. The problem with a quick peace is that Zelenskyy doesn’t need to make peace, he has the Americans. The longer Putin fights, the more advanced weapons Ukraine will bring to the party and the harder it will become for Russia to hang on.

I don’t think how this war ends is any longer in question. What’s in doubt is how Russia comes out of it: will it hang onto its current borders? If Russia doesn’t use nukes and tries to extract itself, they may escape with the country intact and an economy that will recover in ten years. Putin can probably negotiate retiring to his Palace/Dacha and promise not to come back in exchange for a promise to never prosecute him. That would be the least bloody way forward. Unfortunately, that’s also not how this is likely to end. These wannabe dictator guys are all alike; when their backs are against the wall, every last one doubles down.

There will be no compromise, only blood. And the last one to bleed will be Vladimir Vladimirovich.