What is your word


Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

Alas, but my word for the year 2022 is ‘Ukraina’. This is how it is pronounced in Russian, and, as you just rightly guessed, it stands for Ukraine. 

Since February, 24, when all this nightmarish surrealism began, Ukraina has become a borderline that divided Russian society and, sometimes, even families and friends. 

The word has become a test paper of what you think of a person. Moreover, it works either way: those who support this ‘special military operation’, and those who call it a war crime against both countries, Ukraine and Russia. 

Damaged Buildings in Ukraine

I have had several dividing moments concerning people I know, some of them very well, when it came to the ‘Ukraina’ word. 

I am sorry but, in my case, the word of the year, chosen for RUSUK, is not some funny or weird grammatical construction that amuses people or makes them smile. Plus, this is a very well-known word, not a new one. 

But in 2022 it was filled with a whole range of meanings, such as a sense of conflict, a sense of division, a sense of shame, a sense of hate, a sense of empathy, a sense of guilt, a sense of chauvinism, a sense of courage and a sense of pain. 

My Word of the Year

Photograph of Dean Lewis

It wasn’t long after the Americans invented writing that our Founding Fathers foresaw that we needed to invent the Dictionary; and God named it Webster’s. The British looked on this and saw it was good… so they stole it. Except they renamed it Oxford’s Dictionary thinking no one would notice. But because they mostly spat on their hands against cave walls, they couldn’t spell… so their dictionary sucks: everything is spelled wrong.

Ya know what pisses me off? All these damn Limes runnin’ round here tellin’ me they speak English and I just booger it up. Let me give you an example: my next-door neighbor, who ain’t even British or nothin’, tells me to set my computer to proper English. So, I thought about that for a while and I figured; fine, I’ll give it a try. I go into my settings and there’s all kinds of English: AU, UK, US, and a bunch more BUT nothing called Proper English. I decided she was most likely just peein’ on my leg so left my computer alone. She’s just trolling… I’m done!

Now, I’m supposed to name a word of the year but I figure all they want to do is point fingers and snicker. I’ve been to this rodeo before. I bet this ain’t even this week’s subject. I’m so damn mad I could just spit nails. 

OK, lookie here: I’ll show them: I’m a good sport and I can take a joke just like the next dude. So here goes:

Dean’s Word of The Year:


Definition: When somethings all jacked-up, that means it’s totally whack.

There… shut-up!

My Word of the Year

Roger Bara

The word “twat” in English is vulgar slang, with a couple of meanings: a stupid or obnoxious person, or a woman’s genitals. Generally, women don’t seem to object to it as much as the “c” word, because these days, it’s mostly used to describe the former.

There is a milder version: “You’ve been drinking heavily. Don’t be a twat by driving home.”

Or used as a verb, it means to hit or punch someone: “If he says anything to me, I’ll twat him.”

But it’s the description of someone who is offensive, paranoid, narcissistic, self-absorbed, and generally totally unpleasant that moves me to promote it as my Word of the Year 2022.

Boris Johnson is a prize twat and has proved it over and over again. So have much of his colleagues in the Conservative party, but maybe it is the folk that voted them in, knowing who and what they are, that are the bigger twats.

Conservative Leaders

Most dictators are twats, (with the exception of my hero Ataturk, who is far removed from any form of twatarry.)

Elon Musk is another twat, particularly with the way he has been treating so many of his Twitter staff. Trump, of course, is near the summit of the twat podium, beaten only by the biggest twat of all.

Yes, congratulations to the megalomaniac Putin, who this year elevated twat-ism to its greatest level yet. If only it were funny, but of course, it is the opposite. The war with Ukraine is expected to go on and on, while thousands of innocent people are killed, maimed, or lose their homes.

Twat is my Word of the Year, and Putin is without doubt Twat of the Year.