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The funny thing is that the question is not really valid for Russia. Yes, I am informed that some celebrities in America make noises on issues they don’t understand. For example, Hollywood is generally known for its leftist views on politics.

When I look at Alec Baldwin mocking Trump, I start to think that he is a good actor as he imitates him as a talented guy. However, to me, it is him looking stupid, not Trump, in this situation. Just because the content of his message is BS.

Donald Trump

Anyway, currently, in Russia, the question is not ‘Shut up or Shout?’.

Rather, it is more like: “Who is allowed to speak, and who isn’t?”

Any pro-Putin puppet, like Ivan Okhlobystin, a movie actor, and a former Orthodox priest (sic!), may talk a lot about Ivan the Terrible times and his guard (oprichniki) coming back to glorify Russia. To me, again, his ‘historical’ speeches are not even BS. The guy doesn’t have a clue what is happening, and doesn’t know the history of his own country. Talking like that, this clown looks even worse than Alec Baldwin ‘The-Trump-Mocker.’

Anyone who is opposing the regime now in Russia, is not allowed to speak publicly, anyway. Well, there’s an option: leave the country and do what you want. Some people did exactly that. Now they are ‘foreign agents.’

This is why I would like everyone to shout in Russia. Whatever they say. It would break the silence and the censorship.

Shut up or shout?

Roger Bara

With the advent of social media, celebrities have a huge influence in the thinking of mere mortals like you and me. Of course, this can be both good and bad, depending on your viewpoint.

Celebrity’s words carry significant weight, and their influence can shed light on important issues. So, when a celebrity takes a stance on a political matter, it can lead to increased engagement and participation from their fans and followers. They can inspire people to vote, donate to campaigns, or join movements. Their involvement can spark interest and energise the public, ultimately creating a more politically active society.

All good it seems. But of course, they are not experts. Their views might be based on personal experiences or emotions rather than in-depth knowledge or understanding of complex issues. You could rightly say that while we should continue to enjoy their movies, music, and performances, they should leave the business of governing to those who are trained and knowledgeable in the art of politics. I do though admire famous people for attempting to make the world a better place. 

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The biggest celebrity storm to come out of the U.K. in recent times saw the BBC take its most highly paid presenter, Gary Lineker, off air after he claimed that the language the government used in discussing migration plans was not dissimilar to that used in 1930s Germany.

Lineker was actually factually correct, and he was later re-installed on air without him issuing an apology. The U.K. government were mightily embarrassed, and extremely peeved that their racist policy was found out and given a public blasting.

I happen to agree whole-heartedly with his stance and this is my point. I believe the U.K. government contains a vile set of privileged wankers, and I am delighted that this particular celebrity effectively shouted this out. But, had I disagreed with Lineker, it would be me doing the shouting: “Shut the fuck up and stick to football, you twit!”

Shut-up or Shout?

Photograph of Dean Lewis

OK you people, you do realize Shut-up or Shout is not a question, it’s an invitation. Never, ever say that to a damn Yank. We will pick shout every last time. I didn’t even know I was loud until I moved to Cyprus. What? Excuse me? This is not about me? Did I mention that I’m a freakin’ American?

Sorry, I have just been informed that this is not about me at all. Apparently, Sergey and Roger think this should be about people even more famous than me. As if… 

In the U.S. right now, this really is a serious question. Elon Musk bought Twitter and destroyed it. But shortly before finishing the job he made sure everybody knew he was a Trumpy nut job. In an effort to make sure no-one was in any doubt, he gave Kanye West his Twitter account back and deleted the accounts of several legit journalists. That because he’s a free speech absolutist. See?

Taylor Swift

About the same time, this singer named Taylor Swift ask young people to vote. The Republican Party soiled their Huggies. She didn’t say who to vote for, she just said vote. Bitch, how dare she?

So here we have two celebrities, one is an obvious child raping, blood-drinking dog with medical flatulence, and the other a real Patriot. A rocket launching, inspiration to the spirit of real Americans everywhere who will register RFK’s Twitter account upon his return from the dead. God Bless America.

When faced with such choices, I sometimes get carried away. I don’t understand why everyone can’t see the obvious. Everybody should be allowed to speak their minds but some should be shot shortly afterwards. Thats free speech you know? Like the Dear Leader said, just shoot em’ in the legs. So yeah, everybody should be allowed to speak their mind… dumb asses.