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Whose side is God on

Roger Bara

As extremist religions and ideologies cause most wars and conflicts around the world, I want to pose this question.

Not withstanding the fact that thousands of “Gods” exist in the minds of millions of brainwashed folk, let’s assume there is one all-powerful entity. Israel or Palestine? – which way would this God show its true colours?

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Well, surely a benevolent God would not support Hamas when it indiscriminately kills, maims and kidnaps Israelis in Israel, when it hides behind human shields and launches missiles into civilian populations.

But how can this benevolent God side with Israel when it kills thousands of innocent men, women and children who – because of walls Israel erected – have absolutely nowhere to turn to protect themselves?

Yes, it’s all bollocks, but the sad fact remains that this war is simply not going to end. Hamas appears to hold an apocalyptic belief in a final battle at the end of the world. These ideological stories inspire hatred, which provides both Muslims and Jews the justification for the current tragic events. It was always like this, and will continue for centuries, I’m sure.

So come on God, if you exist, sort it out now. Show the world where you stand and do something constructive to end all this wasteful carnage. Otherwise you are a waste of everybody’s time and energy.

Is the game over for HAMAS?

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

I live in a country that de facto supports HAMAS. I can judge it by what the President of Russia says about it, never condemning HAMAS. I can feel it by the discourse of the Kremlin propagandists on the TV. I can judge it by what most of Telegram Z-channels speak about, openly supporting the HAMAS terrorists attack and horrible autrocities they had committed.

To RUSUK readers who may not be aware: The so-called Z-channels are produced by, again, the so-called ‘Z-patriots’. These people in Russia support Putin and the war in Ukraine and strive for more escalation with the West, including the nuclear war. The letter ‘Z’ symbolises pro-war and pro-Putin activists in Russia. According to various experts, Z-patriots can be up to 15 % of the Russian population, but they are very noisy now and enjoy the Kremlin’s support. It is their finest hour now. In everyday life, the Z-patriots are just uneducated, marginal scum that dreams of, as they perceive it, Russia’s greatness. The aggression against Ukraine is the paramount element of their simplistic ‘philosophy.’

There are rumors in Russia that Putin was behind the HAMAS attack; it might well have happened, but verification must be provided. It is possible as it is in Putin’s best interest, as more instability means more opportunities for him. A focus on Israel means less attention to his war in Ukraine. But, again, we will know it sometime later if Putin was really behind it.

What I know for 100%, is that Russia is now a crucial part of the newly-formed, what I call , the Grand Axis of Evil. It includes China, North Korea, Belarus, Iran, Hezbollah, and HAMAS. This pisses me off, as my country is its most active component. 

Machiavelli Quote

Moving one level up, Israel must end HAMAS now. The stakes are much higher than retaliation for what HAMAS did on October 7. This is just Part One. A friend from the UK, who works in law enforcement, has re-sent me no-filter pictures he had received from his friend in Israel. Babies and women burned down, turned into ashes, and soldiers beheaded. I am sure there is nothing to discuss; HAMAS, the absolute evil, must be destroyed entirely. I think of Vladimir Putin, who perfectly knows what happened there and never found a word of support or empathy for those in Israel who suffered. Well, Putin is not a man of heart anyway.

The next phase, Part Two, is about punishing those who masterminded it. It is also about sending a message to Putin, Iran, and China that such efforts to destabilize the world won’t work. This is a much more complicated task. First, it includes restoring a safe area for years to come in the Gaza Strip after the military operation is over. It includes more support to Ukraine to turn the tide of war finally. It includes limiting Iran’s capabilities in the Near East. It finally includes informing China that no military solution for Taiwan will work. 

This is a Big Game; this is a grand task to destroy this Axis of Evil, slowly but surely, step by step. I don’t know if Biden and his team are up to it. There must be someone tougher, like Trump. An example of what is needed: In 2018, under his command, the US Air Forces turned hundreds of Wagner mercenaries at Deir Es-Zor into dust. Putin understands what true power is. Back then, he didn’t say a word publically. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, only briefly noted that the turned-into-dust soldiers were not acting under official Russian military command, so there was no relation to Russia. This is how smart power works. 

However, Biden’s latest speech delivers some hope as he essentially said that helping Ukraine means destroying Putin’s regime. And that helping Israel to destroy HAMAS is part of destroying what I call the Grand Axis of Evil. Let’s see. 

Wrapping it up: destroying HAMAS and setting up conditions for a long-lasting peace there will be the first step, an absolute must, to turn the tide against the Grand Axis of Evil. The game for HAMAS must be over now. However, this is just the beginning: HAMAS must be the first in a row.

Morals and Ideas

Photograph of Dean Lewis

Israel has been a touchy subject in the US since Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud came to power. He has been outspoken in his support of the American Republican Party and has involved himself in domestic US politics. Ironically, Trump has been busy trashing his old friend, BB, while Biden has come to his rescue.

Netanyahu has a couple of openly racists, angry men in his cabinet and I suspect they are part of the underlying reason there is war now. Yes, Hamas is a terror organization and deserves every bad thing that happens to them. But we have been here too many times and frankly I wonder how many more times we must come down this well-worn path before one of these Neanderthals figures out this doesn’t work.

The song is simple: Hamas kills some Israelis in an unprovoked attack and the IDF is sent into some dangerous hell hole to kill the bastards. During this dung fight, many innocent people die (Hamas doesn’t give a shit) and the Arab world blames Israel. 

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The Arabs are not entirely wrong you know: You can’t fire a big cannon down a crowded street and not kill innocent people. Nobody cares, blind rage is all the rage.

The messed-up part of this is; these people will do this again in two years. Netanyahu thinks if he kills the current Hamas leaders and his racists cabinet continues its Imperialists project of stealing land to build illegal settlements (not my words), nobody will replace the current and soon to be corpses. Benjamin Netanyahu is nothing but a recruitment poster for Hamas.

You will not wipe Hamas from the face of the Earth with a gun. Morals and ideas will kill Hamas. Unfortunately for the average Palestinian & Israeli, morals and ideas are in short supply.