2023 Year in review graphic

It seems that everyone does these Year in Review stories. We have done year in reviews a couple of times now, except we hope it’s more interesting to look a bit further back. Our good friend Sergey is out and will return next week.

The Year in Review – 1923

A year to truly behold! 

Roger Bara

Can you believe this? The first outside broadcast by the incredible British Broadcasting Corporation, which I was able to magically hear on my parent’s wireless set. (It was a production of The Magic Flute from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in London.) 

As you will all know, we invented the railways over 100 years ago, but from New Year’s Day this year, virtually all the British railway lines were grouped into just four huge companies. One of them goes up the west coast of England and Scotland, and another the east side. They actually race against each other to see which company can get you from London to Scotland the quickest! Thus, most of the trains arrive early, and if you travel third class, it is affordable for most people.

Very sadly though, the Liquor Act has deemed it illegal to sell me alcoholic beverages until I’m over 18 years of age. A backward step if ever there was one.

Wembley Stadium, 1923

But without doubt, the most exciting happening of 1923 has been the completion of the British Empire Stadium at Wembley, just north of London. Designed to hold over 100,000 spectators, it was built at an astronomical cost of some £750,000!! 

The first event it held was the F.A. Cup Final between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United. The authorities didn’t think to issue tickets for the game, and as a result, it’s reckoned over 250,000 folk made it inside, which created utter chaos. The match was delayed, because there were thousands of people on the pitch. Eventually order was restored by a policeman on a white horse called Billy. (That’s the horse’s name, not the copper’s….), who gradually persuaded all and sundry off the playing surface. 

I expect that story may go down in folklore in the years to come.

The Year in Review, 1823

Photograph of Dean Lewis

It has been asked that somebody review the year our Lord 23 and 1800. It was decided I would talk about this because that British feller can’t spell nothing and that skinny little Russian would be next summer writin his letter. Thou’ I do yield that he’s a good enough speller.

Antique Map

I live in Miller County, Arkansas Territory, which became an official county three years ago. But there’s trouble brewing; see, Mexico says the South half of the County belongs to them and by rights is a part of their State of Texas and some of the folk what live here don’t much care for payin’ taxes here then finding out they’re a bunch of Mexicans. 

President Monroe made a speech introducing the Monroe Doctrine. He was a-sayin’ that them Europeans should keep to themselves. They ought to stay in Europe and we should keep to this side of the Atlantic. I agree, we shouldn’t be in all their wars no how. 

I recon the biggest news was that Catholic Pope what died. His name was Pius but they drink, even in church! He replaced that other feller who died after Napoleon took some of those Papal States. See, Napoleon wanted to have some souvenirs of his trip, so he took three statues and a Pope back to Paris with him. But his Pope died and now the new one is dead too. They ought to come with a warrantee.

I saved the local news for the last: Preacher and Mrs. Taylor is expecting, except she married to Mr. Taylor. And he ain’t’ none too pleased by these proceedings. The Deacons said they was going to throw Preacher out but Mrs. Taylor chypers they best not try. I will fill you in on what happens next. 

Your most humble & obedient servant,

Mr. Lewis