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As I am experiencing tremendous personal problems that can lead to significant – and unwelcome – changes in my life, I am not only thinking about how to solve them. 

What caused all these troubles? And, definitely, I am concluding that it was me, nobody else. 

Sure, there are always some external factors that influence me. Yet, it was my action or inaction. It all depended on my choices, mistakes, desires, and ideas. I didn’t care enough, was too weak at times, not too persistent, and so on. 

White Roses

Here I am, at Ground Zero of my life at 49, wondering how the hell I got on these strange shores. 

To turn things around, I must change myself. Look at the metaphorical mirror attentively, critically, yet constructively. Choose the right, well-thought-out life strategy; set the goals I desire to achieve; determine the intermediate points.

Yes, it is a good time for a reflexing and profound rethinking. 

And here’s my only wish for 2024: change myself and come out stronger


My one wish for 2024

Roger Bara

Imagine you were getting ready for a great night out. You’re all dressed up to the nines, and the excitement is building. It’s maybe New Year’s Eve, or a family birthday, even a long-awaited wedding. Then, just before the taxi arrives, your body descends into a hellish state of absolute chronic fatigue. You’re not tired, but your energy levels are, suddenly, totally and utterly depleted. A moment ago, you were in party mode; now, you can barely drag yourself to the loo. And you feel absolutely shit.

That scenario I have faced hundreds of times over the last 20 years. It affects me for sure, but it’s not me having to suffer. It’s Mrs B, who has been diagnosed with several nasty auto-immune conditions of which the main symptom is chronic fatigue. Don’t even bother asking which of those illnesses are responsible for the fatigue. Some of the world’s greatest scientific minds have been working on this for years, and they have no clue, yet. No-one knows why chronic fatigue happens. 

Hearts Graphic

Mrs B is extraordinarily resilient against this life-changing condition. Yes, of course she gets down from time to time, so do I, but she is so positive, waking up every day with the mindset that she is going to enjoy a good day without this curse.

I, on the other hand, am the opposite. Like today, when in a couple of hours, we are due at a “Bangers and Bubbles” party with some very special friends. I’ve assumed from the moment I awoke, that at some stage I will have to call our hosts and say: “I’m sorry, Mrs B has “crashed”, and we won’t be able to attend.” That mindset helps me to cope with how I will handle another massive disappointment. If I had a few quid for every time I’ve had to make that call over the decades, we would both be reasonably wealthy……..

So, my one and only wish would be for Chrissie to be rid of this horrible condition once and for all; for us both to be able to make social and other arrangements confidently, and to live the rest of our lives with some sort of normality. Not much to ask, is it?

My One Wish for 2024

Photograph of Dean Lewis

I’ve been thinking about this for a day or two and I still can’t think of anything more important than the very first thought that flashed through my mind. The simple truth is that the upcoming elections in the US are unlike any we have had in modern times. 

 A Trump win will:

  • Give authoritarian governments around the world new life.
  • Ensure Ukraine will lose the war.
  • Russia will become more aggressive with Putin’s Poodle back in office.
  • Donald Trump will never leave office.
  • Trump will order all Federal charges against him to be dropped.
  • Fani Willis (district attorney, Fulton County, Georgia) will be murdered.
  • New York charges will simply evaporate and be ignored.
  • A serious war with China will become more likely. 
  • New crimes will be committed by Trump and go unpunished.
  • The United States will survive in name and flag only.
  • Most of his MEGAs will figure it out, far too late.
  • There will be a mild Civil War – The US Army will not become involved. 
  • The Global South will start a slide into a cesspool of poverty & dictatorships. 
Knife & Blood

This is my honest view of one possible future. As I mentioned two weeks ago, Trump doesn’t need to win; he only needs to get close enough to claim he won. He will be ready this time and will not tolerate debate as to his landslide victory.

My wish for 2024 is that I’m wrong.