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Roger Bara

To be absolutely clear, all terrorist organisations deserve to be annihilated. There is nothing to be gained on this planet by pathetic religious (mostly) hatred. It solves nothing, and only leads to persecution, misery and utter intolerance.

We, as a species, have learnt nothing from our recent history. And the nation now being accused of genocide surely has their recent history from which to learn. Jews were mercilessly intimidated, oppressed, mistreated, tormented, bullied, tortured and discriminated against. 

Now, who is doing the intimidating, oppression, mistreatment, tormenting, bullying, torturing and displaying utter intolerance?

Hamas, as I have already said, needs to be destroyed. They only rule the Palestinian people by force. They were elected once, many years ago. Palestinians are not to blame for the cowardly actions of Hamas on October 7th last year. But they are all, every single one of them, being held accountable for the actions of a military organisation that just wants to annihilate the Jews.

Gaza Strip during war

And now Israel is showing the entire world that all they want to do is obliterate and extinguish the entire Palestinian community. They may just want them out of their vicinity, but they are doing their level best to exterminate them. I call it a textbook case of genocide. I evidence the mass levels of destruction and total siege of basic necessities—like water, food, fuel, and medical supplies. Unbelievable in 2024.

The Israeli president Isaac Herzog has said, “It’s an entire nation that is out there that’s responsible. It’s not true, this rhetoric about civilians not aware, not involved.” Ok, so where is the Israeli population, knowing what their country is doing? Why are they not on the streets every single day? And the support for this genocide from the US and UK governments is a stain on their countries, I have always previously felt sympathy for Israel, but that has been destroyed in the past three months.

Genocide, every day, every week, every month; genocide.

Is this genocide?

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

Let me put it straight: I am on the Israeli side, and have always been. This is not just an ethnic conflict; there’s much more. 

This is a clash of civilizations, an ancient one against a modern one. Back in 1998, I was in Jerusalem and then went to the West Bank. What a striking difference! 

An archaic society fights a contemporary one; this is how I see it. Look at Israel: a tiny country built from scratch on its historic lands, against all odds, surrounded by enemies. It is a tiny country with very motivated people who developed various high-tech industries, such as IT, the military (of course) sector, and agriculture – against the climatic conditions, hot and dry!

What can Arab countries plus Iran demonstrate in exchange? A rhetoric question, I know. No large-scale company, from Toyota to General Motors to IKEA, has ever tried to establish any facility on Palestine lands as Big Business knows for sure: the locals are not there to work and prosper. They are there to fight Jews and beg for money for living and fighting. This is how they earn a living. Don’t you recall it: We want to die more than you want to live.

What a bunch of self-made losers! 

Tunnel under Gaza Strip

Let’s not forget that the first war of 1948, which paved the way to solving the conflict by force, was started by Arabs. 

Let’s not also forget that Israel doesn’t want to eliminate its neighbours: all they want is a peaceful coexistence on mutually agreed, transparent, and clear conditions. Do you recall the formula: lands for peace? 

I know the HAMAS formula: ‘from the river to the sea.’ There is no place for the whole country, Israel, and its people within this philosophy of hate and death.

This is what we call genocide. Israel fights for its survival. The aggressor, Iran plus Hamas plus Hizballah, wants to wipe out Israel from the Earth’s surface. 

Don’t you think this is genocide?

Is this genocide?

Photograph of Dean Lewis

I suppose first I ought to talk about the question at hand: no, the International Court did not find Israel has committed genocide. This is an area of settled law with very little gray. South Africa is certainly aware of this and is simply grandstanding. They damn well knew they would lose in court and they did, despite their claims otherwise.

A caution from the judge not to do things that would qualify as genocide is not the same as a guilty verdict. South Africa is on the verge of becoming a failed state and even at this late date a corrupt South African Government continues to gaslight their own people. “We are the moral ones!”

Now, that doesn’t mean that Israel hasn’t committed War Crimes, they most certainly have and wish to commit more. The IDF (Army) is a professional organization and they will follow orders. Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist and has a racist pig cabinet. He knows he will be thrown out of office as soon as the war is over and needs the killing to continue until he figures out how to remain Prime Minister and stay out of prison. Illegal settlements and ethnic cleansing in Gaza must be next.

Perhaps the most outrageous thing about what is happening now is how so many decent Jewish people don’t seem to understand their own history. I wonder what they think about solders, manning checkpoints, checking papers when people leave their ghettos. Can’t they see they are becoming the new Nazis? Perhaps I should say, yet again, Hamas is a terrorist organization and has nothing to offer humanity. They deserve to die.

Grandmother in Gaza
Dead Grandmother with Grandson

Most people seem to want to take sides. This is not some damn football game but I’ll play along: I am on the side of the unarmed, the innocent, the children, the elderly, and the hostages. I don’t care about your religion and spilling more blood in God’s name. Some time ago I saw this CNN report and become completely enraged. Here’s your war crime! (Click) I warn you; you may not really want to watch it but if you do, watch it all the way to the end. It’s complete bullshit to lie and pretend this isn’t official policy. The world would be a better place without Netanyahu and his Cabinet, and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with his various militias.

In every problem lies an opportunity and this time it’s huge. While the US no longer needs oil from the outside world, we do want our friends in Europe to thrive. So, the US has freedom to act (we don’t need your oil) and the opportunity to do so (Gaza cannot be ignored). Here’s an excellent Op-ed that explains why you can feel optimistic while this part of the world is on fire.