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Roger Bara

I’m steering clear of politics when deciding who my last victim will be – it would be too obvious, and I’m hoping that far better marksmen than me will do the job anyway. No, my ultimate bullet is reserved for someone completely different. 

I usually start my day by checking into “Quora”, which it would tell you is a place to gain and share knowledge; a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and write quality answers. A great premise and when it works, it’s wonderful. 

But like with so many sites today, it has been somewhat overtaken by bots, and worse still, by a host of ignorant, parasitic, pitiful excuses for human beings, who regularly come up with the biggest heap of hogwash, garbage and assorted junk that you could ever find written, anywhere. It utterly spoils for me what should be a great experience. So, I get very, very annoyed and hacked off.

The very worst one publishes almost every day. I won’t name him, as the cretin deserves no publicity whatever. (And when he gets shot, I don’t want anyone to know it was me “what dunnit”.)

He is a flat-earther, one of the most prolific of this bunch of complete knob-heads, time-wasters and mental defectives, who revel in the knowledge that they are so smart in discounting science, and so shrewd that it is only they who “know” the age-old conspiracies and false narratives expounded by NASA and every government around the globe (!)

Flat Earth

This is just one example of his drivel. “The atmosphere, and the electrical charge of earth, is retained by the dome. All the celestial bodies are electrical. The fixed stars are lights in the sky. The wandering stars (planets) are small local bodies of plasma. The sun and moon are both approximately 33 miles in diameter. They are electrical. All are beneath the dome. There is no vacuum. There is no space. The dome contains the entire universe. All forces are within it, including the force of life. The lie is that anyone can leave earth, our universe. The lie is that any life could survive beyond our universe. Life in space is a shameful misleading dark fantasy.”

He is so impressed with his own importance, but in fact he’s merely a great advert for extreme dumbness, total lack of reasoning and a pathetic absence of education.

And I’m on my way………..

One bullet left: Who would I choose?

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

Let me think… 

Recently, Vlad Putin gave a much-advertised interview to Tucker Carlson, former Fox News star and a contradictory right-wing TV anchor. 

Wrong! You guessed it wrong!

I would go after Tucker Carlson. This idiot has over-hyped his interview. He has made plenty of sneak peeks. He then showed the first single shot of the interview, sitting in front of Mr. Evil. 

And what was the outcome? Well, Tucker fucked it up. 

No sharp questions at all. 

No question about why Alexey Navalny is in prison. 

No question about the biochemical labs designed by Ukrainians just before the war, meant to kill Russians. The labs that mysteriously disappeared soon after. Did they exist at all? As a Russian, I am worried. What if some lab still works: It could kill me!

Tucker Carlson

No question why Putin killed dozens of thousands of people from both sides of the frontline. 

No question why no one in Russia is allowed to protest the war until they are fined or jailed. 

No question why Russia is successfully making it back into the Dark Ages, mentally. 

No question why Russia has chosen to be China’s servant. 

No other sharp questions. 

Instead, he sank in Putin’s pseudo-historical tales. Who cares what was in the 9th century AD??? By the way, the interviewer should have been studying Russian and Ukrainian history better.

So, he deserves a bullet 100%. 

Or… let me think. That Tucker dude wasn’t the only one in the room… 

Another one bites the dust.

One bullet left: Who would I choose?

Photograph of Dean Lewis

First, one bullet seems so unfair. I could empty a magazine and not leave the house. My dogs like to get me up early… like crazy early. Once I’m up, they go back to bed. They mostly sleep, except when keeping me awake. I wonder if 007 has these problems?

I’ve actually given this some thought and I would nominate Xi Jinping of China. I believe the world, and China, would be much safer without his Wolf Warrior style of imperialistic leadership. 

Cirque de Chine Logo
My Chinese Theater Logo

Years ago, I was Marketing Director for a theater and the Chinese National Acrobat Troupe. Which is to say I worked with, knew, and made friends with these talented folks. But in the last few years something has changed. I no longer have the warm and fuzzies for China. 

Right now, things look bleak for the Chinese economy. Ordinary citizens are losing their new homes and the job market is starting to implode. On the international front, China is involved in territorial disputes with almost all its neighbors. Under Xi, China has gone from a popular nation and the world’s factory to an aggressive menace. Imperialism is back, baby!

The effects of this poor leadership are felt far away. Example: without China purchasing Russian oil, the war in Ukraine may have already ended. Or how about all the dams on the Mekong River? That river flows through six countries and millions of people depend on it. At times it’s gone… its dry… all of it. China pretty much gave the finger to all of southeast Asia. Once all the reservoirs for new power stations are full, the water will flow again IF the down-stream countries accept the Belt & Road. Increased trade will help interior Chinese provinces reach markets via the South China Sea. Of course, Taiwan may explode in a bloody war under Xi’s leadership. Numerous territorial disputes must be resolved in China’s favor. 

It’s all so unnecessary. China will not become the world’s largest economy, India will someday. Outside the large, bright cities, the Chinese people toil in poverty. So many millions suffer because of this one man. Yeah, he would get my bullet.