Donald Trump - Thumbs Up
Photograph of Dean Lewis

Let’s get this part out of the way first: yes, the system is designed so that everyone can get a fair trial. Of course, if there were anyone to ever test that idea, it’s Donald Trump. He’s certainly doing everything in his power to make sure he is found guilty.

Yes, that sounds nuts to me too. But look at what he’s doing; trashing the Judge’s daughter, breaking a gag order daily, abusing witnesses, calling supporters to the courthouse; if you wanted the court to hate you this would be the way to go about it. 

Trump gives the finger

So, given this, how can I still say Trump will get a fair shake? It’s all up to the judge. See, Trump really isn’t on trial, the question before the jury isn’t “Trump, yes or no”; it’s “here is the law and here’s what we can prove was done to break that law”. If the focus remains on the law and only the statute the State claims was broken then Trump has nothing to do with it. The Judge is going to have to take control and muzzle the defendant.

“Judge Merchan has to have control of his courtroom,” former judge and current Cooley Law School professor Jeffrey Swartz told Jim Sciutto on CNN Max. Don’t ask me to explain this, but Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to get his booty found guilty. If he can shift the focus to his antics, then maybe his attorneys can find grounds to appeal. That’s the only justification I can think of. In my opinion it’s nothing so sophisticated, he is most likely is just running his mouth. If he could find a way to make the whole thing all about him, then yeah, he would never get a fair trial anywhere… ever. 

Up to this point, it looks like Judge Merchan is keeping the jurors away from the worst of the defendant’s Reality TV show. Only one juror has asked to be let out so far. It appears she was identified on-air by a conservative outlet called NewsMax. Not by name but by releasing so much information that she was outed anyway. The judge has forbidden news organisations from identifying jurors.

It is bizarre that a defendant would go to so much trouble to make the judge overseeing his case hate him. Of course, this is how Trump ran his entire Presidency so I shouldn’t be surprised. Will Trump be found guilty? Right now, it sure looks that way – and he’s not helping himself.

Can Trump ever have a fair trial? 

Roger Bara

Of course not! It is simply not possible to find 12 jurors and six alternates  to be “fair and impartial”. Don’t try and tell me that they have no passing interest in Trump, or no bias one way or the other. Trump is the most polarising human being that ever existed. Forget about Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Putin and others, Trump is so far out in front, that no one who has any interest in current affairs can fail to have a viewpoint.

Some of these supposedly impartial jurors get their news from Fox News, Tik-toc and Facebook! You couldn’t make this up. Another words, they are being force-fed absolute garbage and are now expected to remain bias-free. Utter bollocks. Here we have a perfect example of the world’s most powerful democracy making it up as it goes along. A sure recipe for disaster.

Trump in red ball cap

Trump has never acted like most of us. When he sees something he wants, he takes it. If he wants to grope a woman, he gropes her. If he wants to create a fraudulent “charity,” he creates it. If he wants to create a fraudulent university, he rips off his students. And gets away with it.

I have no doubt that Trump is already receiving preferential treatment from the courts. He has had imposed on him a gaggingorder, but the moron still finds himself able to stand outside the courtroom shouting ‘witch hunt’ and other tirades without any penalty. We can all see judges in Trump’s criminal and civil cases consistently giving him more freedom and more privileges than virtually any other defendant in his shoes. Unfair? Of course, but not to Trump.

Can Trump Ever Have a Fair Trial?

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

As a timid Russian, I can only envy the American or British court systems.

Just think what would have happened if Trump had gone to court in Russia. There would have been no legal rule, just some crony, behind-the-scenes deal. I wouldn’t want to be a Donald Trump in Russia. 

I know the name of the Russian Donald Trump: Alexei Navalny. We all know his fate. 

Yes, these two men are very different in their values and beliefs. They come from various epochs and countries. 

Yet, one thing is in common: they both declared war on the system. 

Navalny didn’t – and couldn’t – have a fair trial. He knew it and still went to fight. This is something that deserves ultimate respect from me.  

Trump angry

Trump, on his side, is also a challenger. He went to fight the American deep state. His way of doing things looks extravagant, sharp, and provocative. However, I think he was an efficient president and will be if re-elected. 

As to Trump’s prospects, I checked out the latest CNN poll, conducted by SSRS from April 18-23: Only 44% of Americans expressed confidence that the jury chosen for the case will be able to reach a fair verdict, with 56% more skeptical.

As far as I understand, Trump faces 34 convictions at the Manhattan district court and has pleaded not guilty to all of them. At the same time, the Supreme Court will decide on his claim for complete presidential immunity. 

As America is not Russia, predicting the court’s rule is tough. Even the American public is divided on this issue. 

As an outsider, I believe that he can get a fair trial as judges in the Supreme Court seemed to be divided, too. As to the Manhattan court, his legal team seems strong enough to beat the prosecution.

If there are different opinions, there’s a fat chance that the court’s decision will be as fair as possible.