About Us

The Name:

The name Rusuk is made from the initials of the countries we called home: Russia (RU), The United States (US), and The United Kingdom (UK). It also turns out that Rusuk is the name of a Hare with large ears from Russia. We are quite pleased with our name.

The Articles:

When producing an article for the Blog, we settle on a subject and write separately. Each of us has no idea what the other two may say. We purposely don’t discuss views until after the article is written. Dean & Sergey send their parts to Roger who then proofs. After that, the article goes to Dean to be uploaded.

Our hope is that this method allows each of us to give opinions unbiased by the views of the other two. Perhaps you will be able to discern differences in national attitude.

The three writers of the Rusuk Blog

The Friends:

Roger Bara – A  former BBC presenter and musician, who has opinions on most things happening around us. Usually wrong, but happily oblivious to most criticism. Only real stress in life is following his football team. Roger is our Editor

Dean Lewis – Marketing Consultant with a background in broadcast & media. Dean is often confused as to the definition of the word football and will begin signing Hale to The Redskins at the most inappropriate moments. Dean is our web designer

Sergey Pashkevich – Published Author, Daddy, and nice person. Sir Guy lives in Moscow and has spent considerable time in Texas & Seattle. As this is being written he is back in Alaska working on his Fulbright project there. Sergey is our professional writer