Payback time

First of all, it is a true tragedy that Shamima Begum’s baby has died: and it was her third kid already who died, I think. What for? 

I truly don’t understand those people, raised/educated in the West, being second generation or newcomers, enjoying all the benefits of living in the West, who’re just betraying their countries and the values these countries were built upon. Some may say it is their choice. OK. They’re free to do it. But they want their countries to be destroyed – and go directly to the enemy’s camp. If you make such a move you should prepare to face the consequences. 

Shamima Begum Mothers day CardYes, make no mistake, the ISIS is the enemy, be it the West or, in my case, Russia. I may not like President Putin but I support him when he fights Moslem extremists of any sort. 

I believe it is the enemy of the modern civilization: barbaric and aggressive. Beheadings… It is pure evil, pure danger and I don’t understand what kind of reasoning should keep us from destroying it as soon as possible. You don’t negotiate with Hitler, you fight him till the war is won. ISIS is the same in the modern context. 

Yes, I’m glad it is almost destroyed now. It is not about political correctness or freedom of speech or any thing of the kind. Don’t forget that those people would deny all your freedoms so, again, make no mistake, they’re enemies and must be destroyed. It is simply about getting them before they get you.  

Getting back to Shamima Begum’s case. What is happening now: she faces the consequences. 

I understand that her citizenship has been revoked according to the British law. So the decision is legal and, to me, right from the moral point of view for the above-mentioned reasons. It is simple: you signed up with the forces that want to destroy your country and its values. It would be really weird if you, at the same time, would like to keep your British passport and all the legal benefits that go with it. 

By the way, I had fun reading her interview: 

Did you know what Islamic State were doing when you left for Syria? Because they had beheaded people. There were executions. 

Yeah, I knew about those things and I was okay with it. Because, you know, I started becoming religious just before I left. From what I heard, Islamically that is all allowed. So I was okay with it.

You didn’t question that? 

No, not at all.

What a bitch she is. OK, I might say it in a different way: she is a person who didn’t learn anything while spending those four years in Syria. Now she’s dares to talk about ‘mercy’. It’s payback time. I don’t even mention that her reckless, irresponsible life has become the reason her babies died. This is where the real tragedy is… 

Personally, if I suddenly, for some reason, turn into a radical Islamist and join the ISIS ranks I Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergeywon’t be so much surprised if my country would punish me accordingly (legally) for raising arms against it and my fellow citizens. Especially if I would have no regrets. It’s very simple to me…



Who are we? 

Of course this day was coming. With the collapse of the Caliphate, we are now faced with the question of what to do with these “I wanna come home” brides. It’s safe to assume many more will surface shortly.

None of these young women is more famous than ISIS bride Shamima Begum. The thing that fascinates me about this young woman is the disconnect she seems to have between her reality and the way folks from the UK perceive her. This lack of understanding of her situation is coming back to bite her, hard.

Ahmed Ali, the father, blamed the UK authorities for letting his daughter flee to Syria. It seems being disconnected from reality is a family trait. This is one clueless fool.

Muslim ImmigrantsI will now also demonstrate a serious disconnect from reality: All these young girls should be found guilty of a crime in a court of law before having citizenship removed. They all seem to have babies, don’t claim rape so they are guilty of giving comfort to an enemy.

I view this in the same vain as I see Donald Trump. He should not be impeached; he has not even been formally accused of a serious crime. In both examples we see people who are most likely guilty as hell, but not to give them their day in court is just wrong. But that’s exactly what some in America propose.

Some republicans recently stripped an ISIS Bride of American citizenship and some democrats want impeachment to start NOW. All without a whiff of due process. 

The question, in my mind, is bigger than Trump or these young women. What do we value? Are we Photograph of Dean Lewisto set our morals aside when it’s no longer easy? I don’t want these bitches bringing their filth into my neighbourhood any more than the next guy. But it’s not about them, it’s about us. Who are we? 




Worse than a criminal…..

I am almost incandescent with rage that someone who sympathises with the thugs who massacre, pillage, rape, behead and terrorise those who do not share their ridiculous beliefs, suddenly would like, very much please, to be allowed back into the country that brought her up in relative wealth, health and freedoms.

Obviously, it is absolutely tragic that she appears to have lost all three of her totally innocent children – but what do you expect if you willingly go into a 16th century war-torn outpost, where children, like they did hundreds of years ago, have a much less chance of survival?

Only three things makes me slightly uncomfortable – one is that she has not been convicted of any wrongdoing, although she has had her British nationality revoked – are we absolutely sure she is not now stateless, which would not be allowed under international law methinks?

Secondly, shouldn’t due process first be applied, in a court of law?

Lucy the PsychologistMy third misgiving is that those who brainwashed her into thinking she was doing the “right thing” will, in all probability, go completely unpunished, and able to continue their foul work, in my bloody country! They too should be thrown out, never ever to return.

But make no mistake, Shamima Begum is a criminal – no, she is actually worse than that – she is an utter traitor, and together with her complete lack of moral judgement and remorse, she remains Roger Baraa huge danger to Britain. 


You made your choice, good riddance.

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  1. I do have a short question and perhaps one of Her Majesties’ Subjects could clear something up: In the US, giving aid and comfort to the enemy is a crime. In my article I mentioned that all these women have babies. Obviously sex is a form comfort so they have committed a crime. The question I had is: is giving aid and comfort a crime in the UK? Could that be used as grounds for stripping citizenship?

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