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UK Flag IconDuring America’s recent impeachment debacle, where the president was accused of many crimes, Trump loudly proclaimed that his detractors were launching a coup against him. Absolute rubbish of course, as impeachment proceedings are enshrined in the US constitution. In any case, Trump has no idea what a coup really is – an illegal dismantling of a government, often using extreme violence. It rarely happens these days – resourceful leaders today, like Putin, Hungary’s Orban and let’s-bankrupt-my-country-Erdogan in Turkey merely turn what looks like democracy into effectively authoritarian tin-pot dictatorships.

So, no, there will be no coup in America. But maybe, just maybe, the question is worth discussing should Trump be re-elected, which despite all the opinion polls, is a distinct possibility. There are several eloquent speakers and writers over there, not necessarily born-and-bred Americans, who truly believe that their country is in the final stages of democracy, to be replaced by a real authoritarian who has a fair following of true fanatics.

“Modern Presidential”

The majority of Americans, the silent majority, appear to have no qualms about what may be happening to their country. And why should they? If you are a true American, you will have experienced precisely zilch in the way of authoritarianism. But the writers and speakers of whom I have just mentioned above describe themselves as survivors and scholars of this autocracy. They say they know, because it’s happened to them previously, and what’s happening today in America is exactly how it happens. They insist that the odds against American democracy surviving are very much against.  

You can read or hear stories of how families fled from collapsing societies to the safety of America and hopefully the start of a new and better life. But now, are the scenes of their childhoods being played out all over again? In America? Armed men roaming the streets, radicalisation of the masses through repeating lies and untruths enough times until they are believed? 

You can see where these people are coming from. They see another Trump term of office as a continuation of policies which put kids in cages and radicalize younger men to do real violence. They say it will mean shock troops on the streets, critics and dissidents being put away in hidden jails, and hated minorities institutionally dehumanized. Because they’ve seen it all happen before, that’s why there are in America. Their biggest fear? It’s the majority of Americans, away from the fanatics who think Trump is Roger BaraGod. The majority remain silent, sleepwalking, not realising what is happening to their country, because they have no experience of dealing with it.

So no, no coup in America in the foreseeable future.  



The American coup? 

RU Flag IconI think there will be no coup if Trump wins or loses in November. No way. 

Here’s why. 

First, I remember back in 2016 lots of Hollywood celebrities were saying: Oh, God, we would leave the country if Trump wins. Ok. He did win. Name me any single person who has taken a decision to emigrate. That was just cheap talk. Just hype. 

Second, people, get real. Donald Trump will win his 2nd term whether you like it or not. By March it had been expected even a landslide because of the booming economy. Then the Virus has almost ruined his re-election because many people had thought Trump didn’t handle it well. But who did? I think it was only Sweden that handled it right. 

Now, with the reviving economy and the COVID-19 slowly backtracking, he’s chances are getting higher every day. Maybe not a landslide now but still a solid victory.

There’re good reasons for it. First, like I said, the economy is going up one more time. Then, people are tired of the coronavirus issues, it is time to get back to life. 

But the two biggest things that would guarantee Trump’s victory in November are Joe Biden and the leftist looters all over the United States. 

Sorry, but Joe is bad. I mean, mentally. It is obvious: for political correctness issues people don’t talk about it too much but this is clear to many folks in America. Such a weak person just couldn’t handle tough issues inside and outside the country. It’s too dangerous. If you wanna lead such a country (in fact, any country), be pro-active, get out of the basement, go meet people and talk to them. Show yourself as a leader. Show your bravery. Joe lacks those qualities. 

His vice-president to be (in case Biden steps out soon enough) is too far left to lead the country. To me, she was nominated only because she is a woman and an Afro-American. Not too strong an argument. In fact, she is a disaster for those centrist Democrats who would vote for a more balanced VP figure. 

Another big issue is the ongoing unrest inspired by the numerous leftist looters such as Antifa. Get real, how many lives, both black and white, had been lost as a result of their so-called protest? Dozens? Hundreds? Tell me. It is nothing to do with the Floyd guy. It is to do with what happened in Russia in 1917 when various lumpen groups or fringe urban population groups or scum or whatever you call them got to power. 

I suspect too many people in the United States kind of don’t like it but just don’t want to talk about it publicly. I suspect too many people understand that the Democrats are not in a position to condemn the looters or at least, oppose them somehow; as they hope this scum would vote for them in November. It looks bad, it looks sleazy. Well, the silent majority will speak out: they go voting soon.  

ProtestThis is why I predict more noise but no coup from the so-called protesters (i.e. looters) after the Republican victory. 

P.S. I remember the guy, David Remnik, the New Yorker’s editor-in-chief, who wrote a very dramatic article back in November 2016. Its title was: ‘American Tragedy’. In it he just fell short of calling Trump an anti-Christ. He also said he was then afraid for his family after Trump’s victory. Was he somehow harmed since then? What an idiot… Better be afraid for your family not because of Trump but because of those ‘protesters’ as they would 100 per cent try to set up another fire in America in November. They won’t get Trump. But they might – and I don’t want it – get David Remnik and his family or their Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergeyproperty. Too many David Remniks across the USA might suffer. Sure, as a protest against Trump, don’t worry, nothing personal. 

So no coup. Just more scum out on the streets. 



An American Coup?

US Flag IconNobody, and by that I mean absolutely nobody, expects Donald Trump to behave as others before him should he lose the election. Graceful in the face of defeat is not something he has ever tried. There will be no walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, no standing behind another and applauding and shaking hands after the swearing-in.

No, this is not a political statement. His supporters find the quality endearing and his detractors, enraging. When things go wrong, he doubles down and when that doesn’t work, blame that guy over there. The China Virus was made much worse by the WHO. Trump’s response has been perfect.

Trump has most of the necessary tools he needs to stay in office after a loss:

  1. International Support: Several nations, most notably Russia, have worked diligently to assist the Trump Campaign.
  2. A Political Party: He has successfully rebuilt the Republican Party in his image. No longer the party of family values and high moral standards, the Party is now the Party of Trump.
  3. A Base of Support: about a third of the Nation supports Trump and would be happy to see him stay. These people are angry and should be but that’s a different Blog.
  4. An Enemy: North Korea & Iran both have the US. Trump needs enemies to survive. Making the case that people are out to destroy our country allows him to rally the base.
  5. Propaganda: To keep the base you need to serve them stories that make them angry. Fox, Rush, and company are happy to fill the need. They don’t lie, they tell just a slice of the truth and heap a thick layer of partisan commentary on top. Is it a lie, no; is it the truth, no.
  6. A Compliant Judiciary: Already in place. The US Supreme Court has quickly ruled against several voting rights cases that have appeared before it. These old men are ready to help and they have been quite clear.
  7. A Private Army: Hitler had the SS, Erdoğan has purged the Turkish military of solders who may be disloyal, this list could quickly get long. Trump is within spitting distance of getting DHS.

DHS stands for Department of Homeland Security. These are the people who took off their badges, rented unmarked mini-vans and snatched people off the streets of Portland for wearing black clothes. The fact that the city exploded in response only helped Trump.

The Donald

But, as the Americans would say, there is a fly in the ointment. See the US has that other Army. The US Congress is asking the military leadership where they stand.  Their reply has been encouraging, even comforting.

Recently, the military “gamed” how they would handle an imaginary situation where someone decided not to leave the While House and a Government Department sent a bunch of armed folks over to stand up for freedom. All this is imaginary, mind you. Search “president refuses to leave office” for more articles.

The most interesting part of this is that they leaked the meeting. I assume that was so the DHS would think twice about assisting in a coup. So will there be a coup d’état? No, not without the support of the Photograph of Dean Lewismilitary. Instead, he will try lawyers and challenging the outcome in his courts. That, on the other hand, may work. Is that a coup?