Covid-19 Virus

There’s every scientific reason to believe that it is only the vaccine that would stop the pandemic. Yep, I don’t know how it is in the US or the UK, but in Russia there’re some people, sure, a minority, who don’t believe in any vaccine, even those highly recommended for babies by medical authorities. These folks sincerely believe that vaccination is harmful because of its potential side-effects, because some lethal diseases, like tuberculosis, are not around anymore (in their opinion), etc. 

Those mentally very gifted folks, of course, belong to one big but very diverse sect. It also includes Earth-flatters or those who’ve got plenty of arguments that Moon landings have been produced by Hollywood. I personally know one woman, a vegan herself, who tried to make her little daughter, under age of 2, to become a vegan, too. She then quitted her efforts when doctors told her that her baby is behind schedule in her weight growth and potentially it might be dangerous for her. Yes, I think vegans belong to the same sect. You just can’t deny Mother-nature’s laws. 

But what about the COVID-19 vaccination? 

Covid 19 Vaccine

In Russia I know personally lots of people who want to be vaccinated a.s.a.p. One person that I know has done it already. She feels good, so far. Others don’t trust it because ‘Sputnik-V’, a Russian-developed vaccine, available here, is… Russian-developed. Some don’t trust it because any COVID-19 vaccine hasn’t had enough testing before being publicly available.

 I understand both groups. The first one thinks (and this is true) that Russian medicine is not as developed as the Western ones so they’re highly suspicious about it when come to its hi-tech products. They also think it was released so quick because of political reasons to show that Russia is on par with the West in this sensitive field. The second group just doesn’t believe that joint and quick efforts of the scientific community with massive resources injected still can’t produce a safe product. 

I haven’t been vaccinated yet but when it becomes widely available and fast to do, I think I would do it. 

Why? For two reasons: I know that our, let’s call it, ‘high circles’, are busy vaccinating themselves with the ‘Sputnik-V’ starting from summer when it was not even officially released yet. Those guys love themselves too much to try some non-reliable stuff. 

My second reason is that nobody, including President Putin, would put his reputation at stake, saying that this thing is effective and they are going to try it and then… whoops, it is going to have lots of side-effects or something like this.

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

It is just common sense. I think any vaccine available now worldwide is basically safe and working. So I trust it.

Should we trust the vaccine?

I have never understood why so many people prefer to believe the bullshit they read on social media over science.

Why wouldn’t I take the vaccine? It was designed to keep me alive and eventually to stop spreading the damn virus.

Yes, of course there may be the odd flaw, despite vigorous testing. So what? I may be in a car crash tomorrow, so maybe I shouldn’t get in a car ever again, just in case. Look at it this way, from my point of view. Mrs B has several health problems, and Covid-19 would simply take her out. I am her principal carer, and if I got taken out, where would that leave her? Why wouldn’t we take the vaccine?

We are both 68 years old, and have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a great life. In the hugely unlikely event we die because the vaccine got us, then at least there’s two people who will not, cannot, pass the virus on. I look at it as our final parting gift to mankind……

OK, so you believe that the vaccine contains some 5G tracing apparatus, because you read it somewhere. You probably think the world is flat and Trump was a fine president. You simply don’t trust science. It’s all a conspiracy, init. Fine, your choice. But the quid pro quo has to be that you remain in isolation until such time as you get immunised. Deal? Anything else would be extraordinarily selfish.

I shall treat the vaccine, when it eventually becomes available to me, as a fine wine.

Roger Bara

I shall treat the vaccine, when it eventually becomes available to me, as a fine wine.

Oh God! Don’t Take My Chocolate

Let’s not waste your time: hell yeah I’ll take the shot. For many of us there will be little choice in the matter. Depending on the job you have, you may be ordered to take the vaccine to continue your employment.

Consider someone like a waitress in a restaurant: over the six days or so before she knows she is sick, she will handle food for a couple of hundred people. The simple act of putting a plate on your table will make is almost impossible for you not to eat Covid-19.

I just assume you will have to show vaccination papers to fly. The virus has smashed economies around the world, there is no way any rational Government will allow someone to just walk in and start spreading Covid around — again. 

In the past, we all worried the person we were seated next to for six hours had a common cold and that was bad enough. The airlines may require proof of vaccination for even domestic flights. The public must believe it’s safe before they fly again.

Now, a bad case of goofy has already set-in and many are consumed with the opportunity to prove they are stupid. Example: some believe that the Government has put little chips into the shots so they can track you.

Now, a bad case of goofy has already set-in and many are consumed with the opportunity to prove they are stupid. Example: some believe that the Government has put little chips into the shots so they can track you. 

Look, to fit a computer chip, transmitter, and battery inside a syringe needle will require serious nano technology. This tech will come someday but it’s not here yet. The best scientists on the planet have been working on this for years and it simply isn’t available. Turn off the damn TV!

By the way, Stupid, if the Government wants to track you they already can: It’s called a smartphone. And why go to all the expense of making a miniature transmitter when you are required by law to carry your driver’s license with you when you leave the house? Why not put a full-sized chip there? 

The same exact Americans who hate immigration want a National ID card with a chip built in. Hello? Is this thing on? <taps> The exact same, well heeled, Rupert Murdoch employees who are trying to get the planet angry are happy to hop a jet to the Alps, using a Passport that already has a chip. They never get on TV and lie about that. Why? Because they are well paid and want their holidays in the French Rivera to continue.

Sorry, I’m getting off-topic but all these things are related. Yes, there are people who have had allergic reactions to the vaccine. But there are also people allergic to chocolate and milk. Do we remove all cakes from the store because someone gets a rash from chocolate? 

By the time I get my shot, several million people will have had their injections. We will all know how safe it is by then. We have all had flu shots and it’s is well known technology. I for one, trust the scientists who have worked so hard to save millions. Thank you.

Photograph of Dean Lewis