Three I want to forget

It does get tiring ranting over people like Trump, like Boris Johnson, Xi over in China, and nasty, nasty leaders like Putin and Erdogen, even though I know the world would benefit from their absence.

So I’m going for a different three, living, absolute bastards of which the world should be rid.

Mosquitos, Wasps, and Flies.

There can be few more annoying sights then a wasp marauding around your drink and food while you endeavour to enjoy your barbecue. Most outdoor activities can be ruined by these pesky creatures, and if you’re unlucky, you can get a handy little sting as a bonus. Total nuisance, and a pain, hardly a great combination.


Even more annoying is the fact that they are extremely important to the environment, and like the humble bumble bee, the world would actually not be a better place if they all disappeared. But MY bloody world would feel a lot better.

Mosquitos are responsible for causing the deaths of almost a million people every year. I rest my case……. and only the female bites you – that figures. Living in a hot country like I do, they are a constant menace in the warm months, and putting on repellent becomes a daily time-consuming task. Fuck them. For ever.

Equally annoying is the fly. Again, one of the disadvantages of living in a hot climate is that most of your life is spent outdoors, and those flies get everywhere. We go through two cans of insect spray most weeks, including a complete dousing of our bedroom at night time, where you just know there are several flies or mosquitos, or both, waiting to piss you off.

For each person on earth, apparently, there are 17 million of the buggers. A tad too many, I think you will agree. They are a mixture of useful and destructive; they pollinate plants, consume decomposing bodies, eat the sludge in your drains, rummage around in your dog’s poo, damage crops, and spread disease. 

Roger Bara

But I want them out, together with the wasps and mosquitos, from our planet. Other creatures will have to take on any of their good habits to keep our environment ticking over, until such time as we finally destroy it ourselves. 

If these 3 disappeared the world be a better place

Sure, it would be easy to go politics with ready-made candidates but I decided not to… 

But then I discovered that the whole world is still running around the politics, this stuff is inescapable. 

Thinking over the issue, I’ve decided to pick just one person, not three. The person was so powerful back at the time and everything depended on his energy and drive so much back in the day that to me he is an easy target to erase from history. 

This is Vladimir Lenin. 

He’s well worth the three. 

Months before the Bolshevik’s so-called revolution in October 1917 he was nobody, an émigré, some marginal politician, a freak from a party that had chosen to see their own country defeated in the World War only to get to power at any price. 

Nikolai Yezhov removed from photo of Stalin

Then he came to Russia in April 1917 directly from Germany, funded by the enemy. As the situation wasn’t improving under the democratic Provisional government, he made his move and grabbed the power a few months later setting up a coup-d’état. 

The rest is history. The bloody history of Russia for the whole of the 20th century. The Civil War and the Red Terror, the famine, Stalin’s repressions, the Second World War, etc. Dozens of millions of dead… Thanks only to this man’s dream and his incredible animal instinct for power. 

Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

Even Leo Trotsky had admitted that without Lenin the Bolsheviks wouldn’t have made it in October 1917. 

He is the absolute evil to me. This man destroyed my country and gave birth to a monster. The monster is now finally dead but his smell is still poisoning the land…

Only three? 

At first, my mind ran to the obvious: Trump. But I don’t think I’ll waste one of my votes on a guy who will be charged will felony tax evasion by the end of the year. He was both the greatest strength and the biggest weakness for the movement he spawned. The remaining question is: will his followers riot and kill (again) when he is found guilty of a felony? Or maybe they will wait until he is forced into bankruptcy or sentenced. Stupid flag waving mouth breathers.

Trump's Star removed from walk of fame.

So I will start with another obvious choice: Xi. It’s funny how fast opinions of China changed. Perhaps as little as five years ago China had a positive image worldwide. Even in the US, most people were resigned to the idea that China would soon surpass America as the world’s biggest economy and military power. But that was before Xi Jinping began a puzzling change in course that looks to me like it can only end in war. I have no idea what he’s thinking. He has transformed China from the world’s factory to the world’s bully. He really shouldn’t have peed on India.

My next gagster family runs a world-wide syndicate that may yet end democracy. The family doesn’t have Xi’s army but they have an asset with even more influence. A media empire that’s totally amoral. Not immoral mind you, they just don’t give a shit: The Murdochs. From Sky News Australia to newspapers in London, they work around the clock to make people angry. 

Fox News in Atlanta, US, being a prime example. They want you to be clear, they never lie. They never utter a single non-truth. I agree. The game is that they have “experts” appear day after day to lie for them. It’s so goofy I sometimes snicker – until I realize this is no joke and millions drink the Kool-Aid, then say they only ask to start a conversation. Oh, and they accidentally forget to mention anything that may undercut loyalty to The Party.

Example: my  mother died absolutely sure that Obama was born in Kenya. She went to her grave secure in the knowledge that the former President follows Islam. I was never quite sure why that was evil: thank you Fox.

The difference between Xi & the Murdochs is that Xi cannot actually snuff out democracy, planet wide. The Murdochs don’t really want to, necessarily, they just don’t care. Germany, Italy, France, Greece, the United States, and others suffer a form of authoritarian movements, called populism or nationalism, with hate and anger as core values. A resentment of “others” is at the center of grievance politics. To be clear, there is not a one-to-one command and control system here. The Murdoch family doesn’t even have assets controlling governments. They did indirectly control the White House during the Trump years. That is not something even up for debate. The same cannot be said for Germany’s nationalist movement. But for money, the family is happy to offer propaganda day & night.

My final choice is another source of dull, relentless grinding in the workings of a free and just society: Mr. Zuckerberg. Another person who doesn’t hate freedom, he just doesn’t have any monetary interest in who dies. 

I am appalled at the number of people who seem not to understand that getting news from Facebook is not wise. If you search “percentage of people who get news from Facebook” you will discover the answer is about ⅓ of Americans. Mark Zuckerberg, like the Troll Factory in St. Petersburg, finds this fertile land. But unlike the Troll Factory, Zuc makes serious money spreading mis-information.

Photograph of Dean Lewis

Like the Murdochs, Zuckerberg would like you to know that Facebook doesn’t actually promote lies. And like my statements above, I call bullshit. Dude, how do you even sleep at night?