Is this supposed to be a question?

US Flag IconTrump or Biden is almost not even a question. I suppose it is technically because you can stick a question mark at the end of the sentence. 

One candidate is entertaining and the other is predictable to the point of boring. It’s the difference between having to watch Stormy Daniels or the Queen for four years.

Of course you would rather watch Trump, but this completely misses the point: leading a country, any country, is not a TV show and you don’t pick the leader based on how outlandish he or she behaves.

DT-Hates-PCThis is not a question of Trump or Biden. The election is about Trump: Yes or No? Biden just happens to be standing there. He has done all this work coming up with policies on this or that and nobody cares. Ok, I know, I’ve overstated my case again. Yes, Joe Biden needs to have some answers to serious questions… blah, blah, blah. But nobody cares, really.

There’s another point most folks from other parts of the world seem to miss: Donald Trump is not a Republican: He’s a populist. Hell, he’s not even conservative, sorry Sergey. There is no Populist Party in the US so he and his followers took control of the Republican Party. Party apparatchik adore him without question but he is a RINO.

The response of actual Republicans is far more interesting: at first they came out against Trump, then when it became clear there had been a party coup, most started acting like he was a long lost brother. These are pathetic, spineless tape worms who need thrown out. <glances toward Moscow Mitch>

There is now an effort at a counter-coup.  A large number of high ranking Republicans have come out against Trump. These are actual, real Republicans; family values people who want their party to stand for something again and they are supporting Biden for President. I truly admire these amazing human beings: I do not utter those words lightly. They put their beliefs before party or power and in my book that transcends politics.

Most Americans believe Biden will win and all Americans think Trump will be, well, Trump. He will Photograph of Dean Lewisnever utter the phrase “The people have spoken” and quietly retire to tend his golf course. Nope, he has packed the Supreme Court with fellow Populists and is counting on them to appoint him President. He will not leave with class or style. He has no interest in democracy. I don’t know if he will leave at all. 



Trump or Biden?

I could deliver tones of words but I’ll need only three: 

RU Flag IconTrump will win. 

OK, let me explain.

I might be badly mistaken but I take into account the following: 

First, the polls obviously seem to be biased and directing the Republican voters not to vote because Trump is already hopelessly losing. Most of the media are sooo biased against Trump that it looks like the death of American journalism; they express their opinion, they don’t reflect at least half of the US population’s opinion. What I’ve got from people talking on Fox forums is that they think the pollsters tend to contact more Democratic respondents than Republican ones. Yes, this is Fox audience, I know. But just recall the 2016 polls… Just like then, now most of the US media have unveiled an informational war on Trump: this is not media anymore. This is called propaganda and the polls held by these media, such as CNN, etc. are valuable instruments in this war. 

There was something like that in 1972… 

Fox News & Donald TrumpSecond, and this is the worst thing: people in the US now are not going to reveal that they will vote for Trump. They’re scared of those noisy leftists (#BLM, etc.)  who might publicly outrage them. I’ve heard that some people were having trouble at their work places expressing support for Trump. Is this America? Not Russia? These folks have seen enough trouble with George Floyd and #BLM: they didn’t forget it, don’t worry. They will say their words when it will come to voting.

Third, according to one poll, 56 per cent of Americans think that Trump will win. This is interesting. Just like answering the question: ‘Who do you think your neighbours will vote for?’ Most of the people answered: Trump. 

Fourth, Trump’s numbers, even according to the current polls, are within the error margin in swing States and still going up. On voting day ‘the deplorables’ will speak out. 

Fake News CNNFinally, look at their rallies. Trump’s ones attract huge crowds everywhere he goes. Biden does it in, I would say, a very modest way; he’s not inspiring people. His numbers in social media are also far behind Trump’s. I checked it myself. 

Don’t forget: Biden has spent 47 years in politics. What has he done, really? 

On the other hand, Trump was making both successes and mistakes, in 47 months. But Joe… He only says: ‘I have a plan’ or ‘Come on man’. Not enough to be a POTUS. Plus his obvious health problems. Remember his ‘Senate’ or ‘George’ remarks? This is something that might frighten people; how good is he, mentally? Well, we’ve heard of the Hunter affair: it is a smoking gun… Yep, most of the media and the Big Tech downplay it, to say the least. 

Before Covid-19 I was expecting a Trump landslide. Now he will still win but in a fierce battle in swing states. 

You may like him or hate him: but DJT will prevail. Our Rusuk Blog writer Sergey

P.S. Just yesterday, the very famous and very liberal documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore, warned about a possible Trump win. He predicted his victory in 2016. I think Michael’s got something very tangible to be worried again.  




UK Flag IconLet’s face it, it’s not a great choice, is it? A deranged tax-dodger and conman, who has disgraced the position of President of the United States almost every day for the past four years, against someone who should have retired years ago, devoid of any character or semblance of charisma; far too nondescript and far too old.

Why the Democrats could not come up with someone more appealing is way beyond me. The entire world desperately needs rid of Trump and his poison, and all the Democrats can suggest is Joe bloody Bidon. I was going to write: “You couldn’t make this up”. But of course this is America we are talking about, and its people are so very capable of the ridiculous. 

I lump all Trump supporters, you know, the raving covidiots, in the same category as Flat-Earthers. They don’t necessarily think he is in any way up to the job, they just love to point a finger up at the establishment and pretend everything is either the subject of a massive conspiracy or simply fake news. Pathetic and hugely sad. But these very people were perfectly adept at making Trump their president once, and they are just as capable of doing it again, whatever the polls may suggest. Wasn’t it Hilary Clinton leading those polls in the week before the 2016 election?

It’s understandable that any Trump doubters might be totally uninspired with the alternative, but at least a vote for Biden could be considered a vote for basic decency Will there be enough decency left over the water? I’m not holding my breath.Roger Bara

Four more years of that vile piece of shithousery will be catastrophic for progress, superpower relations, peace itself, and most importantly, the climate. As much as Biden leaves me totally cold, the alternative is simply too much to bear.